Friday, November 24, 2006

Christmas season has begun.....

This week, I went to a Christmas Fair (market) at a castle here in Holland. I wanted to share some of the photos. I normally don't like these fairs as they are very expensive to get in and there is not enough there to make it worth while or the booths are so expensive.This fair is the first one I have attended that I would go back to again next year.
The castle was, of course, the perfect setting. It is called Kasteel de Haar and is located in the tiny village Haarzuiles which is named for it. This castle is still used once a year by the Van Zuylen/de Haar family who close it to the public once a year while they are in residence. It is in a bad state of repair and there are desperate attempts to support the walls. I was able to take a few photos where restoration work is not taking place.

If you would be interested to read more about this amazing castle and its history, look at which has pages in both Dutch or English.

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