Thursday, February 15, 2007

A day out.....

This is Castle Doorwerth. It is located just outside the village of Doorwerth along the Rhine area of Holland.

The castle was first mentioned in 1260 but in 1430 started to take the shape as the castle has today. It was then that Reinald van Homoet began to extend the castle.

The castle has a history of many owners who made their mark, good or bad, on this beautiful building.

Various time periods are evident as you go through or walk around the castle. It was altered up through the 19th century.

This incredible tree has stood the test of time proudly in front of the castle.
The draw bridge which brings you into the grounds of this wonderful sight.
Coat of arms by the entrance.

Cottages built in the castle complex.

Gate to a small drawbridge on the opposite side of the castle grounds.

Every castle has its own colors and these mosterd and blue colors are seen on the doors and shutters of the castle.


Anonymous said...

It looks so pretty! And I love the little "cottage" ... it looks so sweet and quaint. One can almost imagine a beautiful garden in the back of it.

diane said...

Thank you for these awesome photos. I LOVE the brick bridge, the ornate brickwork and the arched doorways. It is cool to see REAL shutters, too, we seem to only have fake ones in the US, including mine!!