Friday, May 23, 2008

The joy of books.....

It has been time to change items used for vignettes around my living room this week. For me, using books in my decorating is so important. Both my husband and I feel a living room without books is not complete. We love even the look these books bring to our home.

I have removed the cloche on this end table to replace it with two of my vintage books who's themes are about the English countryside. This table represents so much of what I love ~ books, lace, antique eyeglasses and pretty glassware.

One of the weekends my mother was visiting, we drove to the villages of Odoorn and Exloo at the advice of a fellow blogger, Janneke. She gave me a list of some wonderful shops. I found these pretty black urns in a shop called Helen's Choice in Exloo and they were a real bargain at 50% off too. I saved the fun of doing a flower arrangement in them until all my company was gone. It was nice to have it to look forward to doing.

And what says summer better than some cabbage roses?

The other sidetable has also been changed. I placed my book rack between the lamps with my collection of blue bound vintage books.

My miniature portrait of Jane Austen rests near the book rack along with a Victorian dinner bell. Brass items are another thing I love. They add to the English library look.

Two of my latest finds. The first is 'Jan of the Windmill' by Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing. It is one I wanted to add to my collection simply because of the title with being married to a Dutchman. The second book, 'The Fortunes of Phillipa' by Angela Brazil, I found after reading about this author on Elizabeth's blog. It was a favorite author of hers and I was intrigued and looked into these books. This is the first volume of her school stories.

Finally, a special gift given to me by my friend Angela who visited us. She gave me this beautiful vintage edition of 'Heidi Grows Up'. I teased her that I did not want to grow up. The illustrations are so sweet throughout the book. Thank you so much Angela as I will cherish this volume!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of the things you love in life!

Happy birthday to my baby brother today! No birthday songs for him, instead an 'oldie' that he likes so turn on your speakers for a laugh if they are not on and help me wish Eric a happy birthday.....


Nancy said...

Well Heidi, I am not sure if Eric will get to see this. He might take off today because if not he won't get out until Tues. because of the holiday. If he doesn't come up, I will let him hear it over the phone and read the message. Everything looks wonderful that you did by the way.
Kristy is now on her way home.
Love you, Mom

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Heidi, Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to let you know that you've been "tagged" by me!I so hope you don't mind! Enjoy the weekend!...Heidi :)

Fete et Fleur said...

Everything looks beautiful Heidi! What treasures you have.

xx Nancy

Pondside said...

Another books blog - lovely! I remember 'Heidi Grows Up' and how excited I was to finally think I'd learn just what happened to this beloved character.

Wild Rose said...

Hello Heidi

Your living room looks so cosy and welcoming. I love to have books around that I can read whenever the mood takes me.

I also remember reading those Heidi books years ago ~ happy days.

Marie x

Elizabeth said...

I love the way you use your collection throughout the home, and rotate your vignettes! It keeps things so fresh. I have a small collection of vintage books and I really need to share them more around the house, so you've inspired me!

Ginny said...

Your vignettes are wonderful. Want to come to my house and work your magic?

Mia said...

Old books are lovely; I love the look, the smell and the feel of them, not to mention what is written in them. You seem to have a wonderful collection of these beauties. Your loving room looks nice and cosy too. And I do love the cabbage roses in the black urns (nice purchase, by the way).

I hope your weekend is better than mine, weather wise, that is. Here it has turned quite cold, the wind is from the north, and the whole atmosphere is not the most pleasant to sow vegetable and annuals seeds in (I still have a few more to go, that I want to finish, before the nice weather is supposed to return on Monday).

Ragged Roses said...

Oh I love "Heidi" I remember reading it and crying when I was little, such a wonderful story! Love too those cabbage roses, it's so good to rearrange things now and again isn't it. Especially when things reflect the seasons or mood of the room. Have a great weekend

Janneke said...

Hallo Heidie,
Wat leuk om te lezen dat jij de winkeltjes in Exloo en Odoorn ook zo mooi vond. Jij had echt geluk zeg met de 2 zwarte vazen !!! Daar heb je vast veel plezier van want je kunt er zo mooi mee decoreren.
Heb vandaag nog bij "de Snuisterij"
rondgekeken.....zo veel mooie dingen gezien, zucht ..... !!
Prettig weekend.

Susan in SC said...

Beautiful pictures Heidi!

angelasweby said...

What a pleasure to have a little peep into your beautiful home again :>) Now, when I look at your charming little vignettes, I know exactly where they are in relation to everything else.
I love your beautiful books and was glad to be able to add a special edition to your collection. The ilustrations throughout are a real delight.
I love your little Jane Austen portrait.
Warm wishes, Angela

Elizabethd said...

How wonderful that you found an original Angela Brazil book! They will seem very old fashioned to the young nowadays, but I used to love them!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Heidi,
I love all of the rearranging you are doing. I am a big fan of using books in decorating. Your black urns are great!

Mary said...

Hehid - can you believe our brothers have the same Birthday! I called mne in France today - he turned 56 but will always be my baby brother because being 8 years older I did a lot to help take care of him as a child. He was a delightful little boy who grew up to be such a decent, wonderful man.

I'm so behind with my comments - just seems to be so much going on these past couple of weeks and I can't catch up. I do think of you though, and am glad to see you still putting such lovely vignettes together in your beautiful home. After this week is over I hope to have more time - I'm honestly pooped!!
Love & hugs - Mary.

Diane said...

Heidi, you inspire me. I'm so glad you share the beauty you create. I always feel that southern genteel-ness or Victorian elegance when I look at your blog. Your flower gardens are always beautiful, too.

Diane from LL&L