Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back home again...

We are back home after a wonderful time at the cottage. It was so peaceful and we enjoyed resting up which I really needed after letting myself become exhausted. I am going to try and take a step back. It is not easy for me to not overdo things. We had some perfect autumn weather this week and enjoyed sitting in the garden now and then. So I wanted to share a few images from my garden at Cranberry Cottage...

I enjoy using gourds to decorate in the autumn and up north they are very affordable.

I bought this bottle at a thrift shop and loved the shape and texture of it. I think it was a bargain at only 1 euro.

Remember me mentioning that I had an old weathered pair of wooden shoes at the cottage? Well here they are.

Toadstool time is coming. I had a few in our garden and found one among the heather when we took a walk. I have this display on the chest in the cottage.

A small display of miniature gourds at the new terrace.


Nancy said...

Well, you certainly turned your little cottage garden into a fall show. The gourds look very nice.
Now that you are home, I HOPE you do not start overduing it again.
Take it easy this week.
Love you, Mom
PS: Now go to bed, it is almost midnight. Are you resting????

ladybug8 said...

I just recently found your blogs and enjoy them so much. I love to see how you decorate. You give me a lot of inspiration. I love your music too. Thank you for sharing your love of home and quilting.

Suzann said...

Welcome Home!
I love your autumn decor. I am starting to do some decorating around here and have purchased a few things here and there as my decorations are rather pathetic. I hope to add some pumpkins and gourds soon.
I've missed ya girlie. I hope you took the time to rest and relax and rejuvenate.

my house by the river said...

Your decorations are lovely - very festive :-)



Terri said...

I was just saying I need some gourds and pumpkins to decorate for fall.
I'm glad you had such a nice weekend.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

What a lovely little display with your fall gourds :) Hope you are getting some rest.


Joanne said...

Oh, toadstool time! I can't wait till you begin sharing pictures. I loved the one you sent me when we were "autumn season sisters" :)
Hugs, Joanne

smilnsigh said...

Wanted to tell you that I so appreciate your blog, since I too, love to Celebrate The Changing Seasons. :-)

This will probably be a one-time comment, as I have recently had to turn Comments Off in my blogs. Due to my need to spend less time on my Net Life. Totally my decision. After much soul-searching. :-)

But anyway, I can't expect people to comment in mine, when I am not commenting in their blogs. So I turned Comments Off.

I'd still be happy if you took the time to visit my 'Smilnsigh' blog, now and then. Thank you so much, if you do have the time.

Gentle hugs,
Miss Mari-Nanci

Janneke said...

Welcome back Heidie !
Got your mail...i am sorry we missed this opportunity to drink coffee but i am sure we are going to !!!
All the pictures from Cranberrie Cottage look so cosy i can image you had a great week overthere. Well maybe this week you should take it easy for a while, and before you know you'll be back "up north" :)).
Greetings from Janneke.
Got inspired by all the beautiful gourds i'll buy some this week :)

Lilysmom said...

Love the fall decorations! Jason is heading to Europe (London, Paris, & Germany) this week on business. I so wish i could come as well and visit you. I guess I'll have to wait a few more years until the kids are a little bigger.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Heidi, your garden is so pretty that I see in the background of your photos. Wow! You have such lovely collections for Fall! LOVE the old Dutch shoes, too. Very cute!!!!


Regina said...

Hello Heidi
Welcome back!!
Oh what a wonderful decoration .
Pumpkins,laterns and all the others.
Wonderful,you had a nice time at
cranberry cottage!!!
I wish you a nice week!!!!!

Nan said...

I love what your mom wrote! You two are so, so lucky to have one another. Heidi! I just got my Beatrix Potter: A Journal. Everything you wrote about it is true. What a beautiful, beautiful book. I thank you so much for the recommendation. Now, I'll echo your mom. Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Melissa said...


I have been so busy at work, that I have not had time to blog.

Thank you for your comments on my last post.

How did it go at the dentist? I hope well.

Everything you take your hand to, comes out looking beautiful.