Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Spring is the season of change, of growth. In spite of all that I am facing with not being able to do much, we have been working on the garden to make a few changes. Here are a few of them done so far.....

A number of things have been repositioned like our sundial. I will reveal in the next post why we tucked it away in this spot now as we added some pretty new things to the garden. It no longer tells us the time where it is placed but we still love seeing it when we come into the garden. It was the first major thing we purchased for our garden after we got married and moved to Sweden over 22 years ago. We brought it back from there and have enjoyed it since.

This year, I moved all the planting between the poles of our pergola in the middle of the garden and replanted some here in the garden while others moved to Cranberry Cottage. I wanted to have rows of Annabella's which is a type of hydrangea to line the little path to the second terrace. They are growing well and starting to show a few buds. I am excited to see how well they will do in their first year in the garden. At the moment, our spring bulbs, wisteria and azaleas are all finished blooming so the garden is looking very green. The clematis is growing in leaps and bounds up the middle pergola with a promise of a roof like cover of many tiny blooms to come.

I have not planted as many vegetables and herbs this year. We have sage, basil and parsley all growing well... well as two types of specialty leaf lettuces. We love eating salads in the summer and I find it fun as well as frugal to have these more expensive types of lettuce to pick leaves as I want them.

Our garden dame was disappearing among the growth so this year, we raised her up on a wooden pedestal which is already hidden among the planting. This is a statue that Jos just loved and bought many years ago. She has adorned 3 of our gardens and still looks lovely. Enjoy the words of this verse which to me paint a picture of the feeling of the season in our garden.

"The young May moon is beaming, love.
The glow-worm's lamp is gleaming, love.
How sweet to rove,
Through Morna's grove,
When the drowsy world is dreaming, love!
Then awake! -- the heavens look bright, my dear,
'Tis never too late for delight, my dear,
And the best of all ways
To lengthen our days
Is to steal a few hours from the night, my dear!"

~ Thomas Moore ~


RoyalTLady said...


It's been ages since I last visited your blog...

Just adore the greens in your garden. I am ashamed that I have sort of neglected mine ever since I took up a new responsibility... looking after my grandson, Harith.

The garden was left to the gardener to look after once he come to cut the grass. The plants were left to the rain to shower... to the sun for photosynthesis and hardly any fertilizer were put...

Yours is full of attention, love and tender care...

Lena said...

How beautiful your garden looks, Heidi! Oh, I'm longing for a real garden, but it will not be this year... =(
I hope you will get better soon!

Sonja said...

Your garden looks inviting! I cannot see all the pictures of this blog entry: is there a picture of the new mirror? I do admire the dame and your zonnewijzer geeft ook zo'n lekker warm ouderwets gevoel! Hope you are feeling a little bit better!

Nancy said...

It seems so odd to see all green in your garden. Too bad the beautiful wisteria is so short lived. Oh well, something new will pop out soon I bet.
Love you, Mom

BittersweetPunkin said...

Heidi, your garden is beautiful...and I love that statue's very lovely indeed.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

So happy that you are still making some changes, in spite of your health issues.

Gentle hugs,
Aunt Amelia

Kristen said...

What a beautiful garden! I would love to sit, read, and drink a cup of tea there! :) Love you!!

Saskia said...

You inspire me with your love for nature!
Still a week to go, and then I'm the proud owner of a garden too.
I hope you have the time (and if yourr health lets you) to come over and give me lots of tips.

Tone said...

Hi Heidi!!
Havent forgotten about you!! I have been off blog for a while - things to do, and no such things as some exstra leisure time I am afraid...but now its weekend!

How are you - your health??

Just love your garden!!
It shows that you live more south than much greener!!

have a nice weekend my friend!

love from Tone

Judy said...

I adore all of your plants. I love freshly picked lettuce too!

Elizabethd said...

Such a lovely garden. Take care of yourself, rest lots and just enjoy looking, not doing!

shirley said...

Heidi, There is no place I would rather be than in my garden. After seeing yours I can say there is no place I would rather be than in my garden or Heidi's. You have a beautiful garden and what talent you have for picking the perfect plants. Beautiful!

Mary said...

Dearest Heidi - I've been remiss in keeping up with your news while away and am so sorry you have not been doing so well. Hopefully the new meds. and lots of rest will see you back on your feet very soon.

Wow! Your garden is looking fabulous, all those stunning shades of green and the lettuce looks ready for the salad bowl!

My time in England was truly wonderful - a spectacular Spring and I didn't want to leave. I will try to return next April/May for a longer visit - it was perfect.

I returned to a mini-jungle and am so busy trying to get it straight and neat looking again. A little bit each day....pruning, trimming, cleaning up.....and of course a few new plants, how can one resist!!!!

Bob and I send love and hugs - be well soon.

Anonymous said...

Heidie you garden looks fresh and green and lovely chosen plants !I also like the fact of the sundial traveling with you from Sweden :)
You really have to take a picture of the Annabella's when they are flowering !!!
Greetings and hope you're feeling a little better !

Happy @ Home said...

Hi Heidi,
I was so happy to read the comments you left me recently. How interesting that you spent so much time in Amish country and have made the blueberry cake too. I was so sorry to hear that you are still facing such challenges with your health. I'm sure that you would like nothing better than to feel back to normal by now. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.
Your gardens look beautiful. I hope you are able to spend some time out there enjoying them.


Shari said...

I haven't visited for a while & I can tell. I am sorry to hear your health has not been good. I pray you are doing better now.
Your plants all look wonderful! I love how you have done the lettuces. Now, I want to go get more plants!!! I just planted my garden this afternoon, but planters of lettuce on the porch sounds pretty inviting to me!!!!
Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!!!

Cindy at her Country Home said...

Hallo lieve Heidi, las je bericht op m'n blog! Wat fijn dat je je even goed kon voelen, heerlijk hé en wat een mooi borduurwerk heb je daar in je handen. PRACHTIG! Geniet hier van je muziek en wat lees ik "Cranberry Garden" (laat een lieve zucht) alleen de naam is al zo mooi... Ik voel me gelukkig met de dag fitter, soms weer even (meestal begin van de avond) heel erg vermoeid maar na een catnap weer goed. En dat mooie weer heeft me echt goed gedaan. Ik zou zo de auto willen pakken en naar je toe willen rijden met de Tilda aardbeipatroontjes en stofjes in een mand. Gezellig met een meegenomen aardbeigebakje samen de aardbeitjes van Tilda maken met je... Wellicht gaat dat ooit weleens gebeuren. Maar ik ben blij dat je je voor een dag ertussen goed hebt gevoeld en dat pakken ze niet meer van je af! Op naar nog meer zulke dagen voor jou en inderdaad geduld loont... Veel liefs van Cin X