Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hydrangea blooms mean autumn approaches

While we were in Brugge, I was really struck with how pretty this planting combination was in one of the museum gardens. The old brick wall had a beech hedge planted along it with a row of pink hydrangeas in the front. It really so impressive and the aging blooms of the hydrangea was taking on the color of the old bricks. The hydrangeas have done really well this year in Holland because of our wet summer weather. They have been riotous with flower. But we still had not had our own Pee Gee Hydrangea start to flower as of that time. Each weekend as we drove to the cottage, we expected to see them in full flower since most things seem to bloom earlier this year. All through the last weeks of July we anticipated these blooms to come early but nothing. This type of hydrangea blooms in August and September. It symbolizes to us that autumn is starting. As our blooms start to age, they become a pretty shade of pink that harolds in the start of fall.....

We arrived this past Friday evening to see that ours had finally exploded into flower while we were gone the past two weekends. The pretty bushes were arched heavily with the weight of the blossoms they must hold. This year, they are doing so well that it is difficult to walk the pathway around the side of the cottage to the back garden. Now I am looking forward to watching these creamy white blossoms go pink. If you enlarge the photos, you may even see the hints of color there.

Blue Hydrangea
Just like the last green in a colour pot
So are these leaves, withered and wrecked
Behind the flower umbels, which reflect
A hue of blue only, more they do not.

Reflections are tear-stained, inaccurate,
As if they were about to cease,
And like old blue notepaper sheets
They wear some yellow, grey and violet,

Washed-out like on a children's apron,
Outworn and now no more in use:
We contemplate a small life's short duration.

But suddenly some new blue seemingly is seen
In just one umbel, and we muse
Over a moving blue delighting in the green.

Rainer Maria Rilke, July 1906, Paris
Translation © by Guntram Deichsel


~ Janice ~ said...

Your photos are stunning! What a pretty hedge those pink hydrangeas make! I am now thinking maybe I should try to plant a hedge of them (even if a small one)and enjoy the splashes of color when they are all together! I have never heard of nor seen a Pee Gee hydrangea. It's wonderful! I can see why you were anticipating the blooming of it! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers Miss Heidi.
love Mom

Kristen said...

These flowers are beautiful! I would most definitely take a picture as well! Beautiful!

Nan - said...

I like how you saw the hydrangea color taking on the brick color. You have an artist's eye, Heidi.

I loved the pictures and the poem. I sent it to an hydrangea-loving friend of mine.

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful hydrangeas Heidi! Ours have done really well this year and I have a big vase full of them in the hall drying - it's lovely watching their colours fade with the approach of Autumn
Kim x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I love the photos! You are right, Holland is so underrated! I love Holland, I could easily live there! Especially 'Goes' it's so pretty!

T*mmy said...

Thanks so much for your recent visit to my blog!
You have a fine one here!!
I love hydrangea's and have always called them by the pet name "hi strangers!" ;)

Joanne said...

The hydrangeas (and photos) are beautiful! One of the things we loved most about the hotel we stayed at by the beach in Rhode Island were the gorgeous hydrangeas they had. They lined the entire street in front of the hotel (and were also all over the town). Colors went from the palest of ivory to all shades of pinks, lavenders, blues and deep purples. I wish they'd grow that well here!

diane said...

Oh wow, I can see a tinge of pinkness on those lovely hydrangeas! They are SUCH a beautiful flower! You must have a nice camera and alot of talent as you take such pretty pictures and when I enlarge them, they are even more beautiful! We have blue and pink at our church and the girls are always hurrying me past them, as I like to linger!!!

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs - Kim said...

I just love hydrangeas...thank you for sharing these lovely flowers!