Friday, August 08, 2008

Saying goodbye to the roses soon...

Do you remember in a recent post that I talked about my nesting tendencies? Well, I have been cleaning and clearing away while changing things around on my tables and sidetables. I decided to post a farewell to my roses for the season. I am sincerely trying not to rush into autumn which is my very favorite time of year!

I have also moved the furniture around prompting a humorous comment from the husband of one of the ladies who is in my quilt group. He teases me about my nesting and always with a smile. He should talk having a house that looks like a museum with all its amazing antiques.

I have roses on my sidetable behind the couch. Of course, the couch and sidetable have now been moved to another angle and I now want to do a new arrangment in these black urns next week. Something that says the end of summer is near.

I found this beautiful Victorian looking planter many years ago and still love it like the day I brought it home. It is the perfect height for placing flowers on the coffeetable. At the moment, I have my Eduador roses in it with a little ivy. I am not sure if I will keep the planter here or totally use something else. So far, I have redone the things on one sidetable and the sea chest we use between our chairs.

Do you enjoy changing things and moving them around? Do you often get in the mood and move your living room furniture around? I know I inherited this from my mother who was a master at suddenly deciding to move the entire house around. I always thought it was great fun and still do. What about you? I hope I am not alone in this quirk. *grins*

Have a great weekend everyone!


Tanya said...

When DH and I were first married, I rearranged A LOT! My grandmother talks about when my grandfather was living, he'd make certain to cut a light on in the night if he got up in case she had moved furniture around he didn't want to stumble into it! He had learned this by experience. LOL

I still rearrange but not as often I guess. I would like to re-do the keeping room but just can't seem to think up another way to put the furniture. Someday...


BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Heidi!! I am always moving things mind is always working...LOL.
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidie,
I love moving things around... problem is our livingroom is not so big and with a woodburner and settled place for the television etc. i cannot make big changes. I therefore like to change all the little "displays" i make on different tables etc. I even change things in the kitchen which sometimes annoys my husband: i can't find the teapot: where did you put it ?? Hahaha...So you see i like changing things around but on a small scale !!
Greeting, Janneke.

Melissa said...


I hope all is well. You mentioned that it was not a good day in your comments on my blog. If I can help in any way, please let me know.

And, I also am constantly moving furniture around. I think furniture needs to be re-arranged every so often.

Please take care of yourself.


Nancy said...

There is a red x at the bottom of your entry. I don't know if it was a picture.
Yes, you did inherit that from me. Your Dad used to say "leave a light on tonight so I don't fall over furniture." He worked afternoons for a time. I would say to you four kids, want to swap rooms today. Off we went. If you were sweeping, you might as well move everything around. Oh well. I am not quite as bad now.
I can vouch for that "husbands" house being a museum, I have been there.
Love you, Mom

Ginny said...

I used to move the furniture around a lot, but since we moved to our new home, I don't. There just aren't many other options for placement. I do change accessories for the seasons, at least in the kitchen, great room, and front entry. And I have wreaths for every season, some made by me, and some by one of my daughters. Lately, though, I've had the urge to start over with new furniture! It's good that there's no money in the budget for that!!

Carolien said...

Hello Heidi, I do recognize the 'changing mood'. If I had the chance ... I would change a lot! André doesn't like that mood of mine, pity! So I do it with little things, he doesn't see it this way and I still have my little fun.

Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Carolien

Mary said...

Heidi - today I started having that old feeling - time to start moving things around, painting walls new colors etc. Help, can't do it now - too hot and will be ready to leave for France before you know it (well actually a little less than two months but it takes me that long to get organized for a lengthy trip!). So I'll just think about the changes I may try later this year or early next and if I see the places I hope to see in France I just know I will gather even more ideas.

Love your roses and the black urn -and you always make your nest so comfortable.

Hope your weekend is fun at the cottage - and relaxing this time!

Hugs - Mary.

Ottilias Veranda said...

WOW those are lovely roses!! I haven´t got so many yet that I could pick large boquets, but I´m working on it!

Thanks for Your sweet comments on my blog!


Mia said...

It is quite autumn like here too, with rain and more rain again... The hot, sunny and lazy days of the summer seem to be a thing of the past... Surprisingly enough I seem to be quite ready for autumn... I long ot spend time in my little studio and potter about with pretty fabrics and quilting. Recently all we have had is rain, and more rain... but I do have to (and want to) finish the harvesting of veggies, berries and mushrooms before I can say I am ready for the autumn.

I would also love to move furniture around to change my surroundings for autumn. But all I seem to do is change the textiles... Since our house is fairly small, there really is not any other logical way to arrange the furniture we have (or It might be me lacking the imagination...) An open kitchen/living space (like ours) is not common in Norway, but like I wrote in my blog, we are quite happy with the arrangement. But somehow it seems to take new visitors to out house by surprise every time...


that is to funny...I just got done moving furniture around my living room...your roses are beautiful! I love Fall! but it is bittersweet!

Rhondi said...

Dear Heidi
I am always moving things around. It's a way to be creative without spending any money!
Hugs, Rhondi

Melissa said...


I will be on the look out for your e-mail.

You are in my prayers.

Many the Lord be with you.


Pondside said...

Like you, I'm a re-arranger. For many years, when the Great Dane was in the Air Force I was able to satisfy this urge with our frequent moves - now I seem to get 'itchy' to move things on a fairly regular basis and one never knows when today's bedside table will be tomorrow's writing desk.

Ragged Roses said...

I love all your arrangements, I am constantly moving things around too. I'm not jumping into Autumn yet, still kind of hoping that summer will arrive

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Hi Heidi...

I recently started peeking at your blog...and I've been nudged by the FATHER to add you to our Prayer List on our blog post today...on DAY of PRAYER.


Carolien said...

P.S. En natuurlijk ook de groeten aan Jos! Wat een oen he, dat ik dat vergeet te zeggen. Sorry Jos!!!

Groetjes, Carolien

Melissa said...


Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello to Miss Hoshi.

You are so sweet.


Melanie said...

Your roses are gorgeous, especially in the Victorian urn. You are not the only one who loves to move furniture around! My husband and kids (young men) just shake their heads when I do this. They just don't understand, lol. I mainly do it with my living room and family room furniture. I can't do it with our bedroom furniture because there's not enough room. In fact, I need to totally redo my bedroom, but that's another story in itself...