Monday, August 18, 2008

Warm and cozy.....

Don't adjust your computer screens as these photos are taken at night without a flash to set the mood. An autumn mood to be exact. We are seeing signs of autumn in the woods. This past weekend, the temperatures were rather chilly towards evening so we made a pot of tea.....

Lit some candles.....

and made a fire all cozy and warm. It was our first fire at the cottage for the season and it was really nice to have it going again. There is nothing like hearing a fire crackle to create a special atmosphere.

Did you notice these trays sitting on the table in the first photo? I found them in a little shop on a day out with my friend Sonja. I decided I really loved them as a chocolate lover but there were oh so very white.

I antiqued them using furniture wax and am really happy with the results. I have two sweet pink floral mugs which my mother bought for our cottage and they are perfect on these trays with room for a treat. It makes it easy to take a cup of cafe au lait out to the garden to enjoy.

I went pumpkin and gourd mad this weekend also and have been making my front door look very autumn. I will share it with you very soon...

Are you having a good Monday?


Dr_Love said...
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Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidie,
Wat een gezellige foto's, dat was genieten zeker !! Wij hebben een houtkachel en zo gauw het kan gaat die ook weer aan ... de theepot op tafel nou die herfst kan voor mij ook niet snel genoeg komen :) Sommige mensen vinden het niets maar samen met de lente is het mijn favoriete seizoen ! Je ruikt nu ook al dat er een andere geur in de lucht hangt. Ik noem het altijd de oogst geur :)
Groetjes, Janneke.

carolr said...

Hi Heidi, I too long for the fall, but I try not to think a lot about it. It's my fav. season too. Each Oct.1st, I privately celebrate, because then I can embrace it!

Tammy said...

Heidi - We had a fire this weekend, also, but in a fire pit outside in the yard where we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. Definitely a summer thing.
I did, however, pull the spindly, faded petunias from my tipsy pots and will replace them with mums tomorrow. Then it will be Fall - because I said so. :o)

Happy @ Home said...

Hi Heidi,
Everything looks so cozy. I am looking forward to feeling a little nip in the air. It always inspires me to bring out the fall decor. Such a pretty time of year.

Thanks for your visits. Always love hearing from you.


Tracy said...

Hi, Heidi! So very nice to meet you...and thank you for stopping by my place :o) As soon as I saw your Anne quote of kindred spirits, I knew this was a special place and I must linger a while...and have been enjoying so much your beautiful, friendly place here in blogland. I look forward to visiting again! Here in southern Norway, summer is waning, there is a scent and feel of autumn gathering in the air. I'm from the USA originally and look forwward to a trip "home" soon for a little autumn there...Your setting here is so cozy...I could sit by your fire here all day--LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Jan and Tom's Place said...

Just wanted to let you know that we're all praying for you on our DAY of PRAYER on our blog today.


Nancy said...

I like the trays better now. It looks very cozy and inviting, and I know for a fact it is. Hope you got a cookie with that tea.
Love you, Mom

Melissa said...


Everything looks so cozy and snug.

I love the trays. What a great find that was.


Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi
What a beautiful post. I love autun, the smell in the air, the chilly mornings and evenings. It will be late September before we will probably feel any hint of fall. I am tired of the hot days of summer.
Hugs, Rhondi

Carolien said...

Your front door composition looks good and very 'autumny'. The trays are very nice and oh! a fire ... I love that!

Hugs, Carolien

Shari said...

oh how lovely!!!!!! I love candlelight & a cozy fire. Ahhhh, what an atmosphere!!! I can hardly wait!!
concerning the Anne Kindred Spirits pattern arrived in the mail the other day & I cannot wait to work on it!!!

Barbara said...

Heidi, your tea and fireplace look so inviting. We've had tea in the evening on our patio, but no fire in the fireplace yet. I love your little trays.

Melissa said...


Thank you for your kind words about the urns. I can't wait to start finding things to fill them with.


Mandie said...

that looks soooo cozy! I would love to have a quiet night by the fire with no distractions to just relax and enjoy the quiet! *sigh* I'm jelly...but hopefully one day I will own a home with a fireplace too! Love you very much!


Ragged Roses said...

Hello Heidi! It does feel very autumnal doesn't it? Apart from a couple of weeks in July there hasn't been much summer to talk about at all. However, your home looks so cosy and inviting, that it doesn't seem to matter! Love the trays, they look great. Enjoy your coffee and hot chocolate

Melissa said...


You are a sweetie. I just adore you.

Thank you for being a great friend.

LCIS is lobular carcinoma in-situ. It's a pre-cancerous condition of breast cancer. I am being treated as if I have breast cancer. I have to take a pill called tamoxifin for 5 years, and this gives me a 50% chance of keeping it from growing into breast cancer.

So, I have to get checked every 6 months.

I hope you have a great evening.

Love Melissa

BittersweetPunkin said...

I can't wait until it's Fall here!!We are enjoying some cooler temperatures and after the heatwave it's glorious! I have always loved the weather crisper anyway.

Melissa said...


I hope you don't mind. I just tagged you for a fun game. Stop by Sunbonnet Cottage on how to play.


Melissa said...


I have an award for you at Sunbonnet Cottage.


Suzann said...

I am adoring these photos. How warm and cozy! makes me want to just snuggle up under a worn quilt and just breathe.

Mary said...

Heidi, how lovely that Autumn is at your doorstep and we are now able to share the comforts of your home in this lovely season. I looked at my gourds from last year but will not do any decorating until we return from France - then I can get fresh pumpkins etc. I need to to be packing things away off the porch/deck etc. before we go away - in case there's bad weather and nobody handy to check on everything. Why don't you come over and housesit for me? You know your mom wants to sit on my front porch!!!