Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Sunday stroll

We thought it would be nice to just take a stroll in the woods right by Cranberry Cottage before driving back to the city. What a perfect fall day it was. I little bit grey and cool which made a great time to go walk and look for more toadstools.
A fallen tree branch from a previous storm becomes a work of art at this time of year.

The tame chestnuts lay scattered about the forest's floor. This one came home with me as a souviner.

I love the sound of walking on the fallen leaves. It makes me feel like a child again.

"The gilding of the Indian summer mellowed the pastures far and wide.
The russet woods stood ripe to be stripped, but were yet full of leaf.
The purple of heath-bloom, faded but not withered, tinged the hills...
Fieldhead gardens bore the seal of gentle decay; ... its time of
flowers and even of fruit was over."
~ Charlotte Brontë

What are some of your favorite sights of autumn?


Shari said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My DH & I spent the afternoon at a state park yesterday & I took many of the same type of pictures. I will be updating my blog later today! I still haven't figured out how to put words under each picture thou!
Great update! Enjoy the beauty of the season!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Oh my just lovely.
I just adore seeing all the leaves in their amazing glory and I so enjoy hearing the crunch of the leaves underfoot. Walking along, in a wonderful warm and bulky sweater, hearing the leaves crunching, and smelling that crisp fall air is simply heavenly to me.

Wild Rose said...

I also love crunching through the leaves ~ a wonderful way to celebrate the season!

Delightful photos Heidi ~ thank you for sharing your walk. We went out to see the colours yesterday, but we left it a bit late this year and most of the leaves had fallen ~ a shame, as a friend told us they were spectacular earlier in the week.

Marie x

Tracy said...

Sooo lovely, Heidi!! I am fascinated by mushrooms...and love to go mushroom-picking! Oddly we didn't have so many wild mushrooms in the nearby forest this year, not much to pick anyway to eat! I love autumn--the color changing, walking the woods a-blaze with color, woodsmoke faint in the air, long slanted shadow on the lawn in the afternoon, fireside glow and cheer...Delighting in it all while it's here! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Nancy said...

OK, I just know Holland has the best toadstools in the world. I love the big cluster. You just keep seeing more and more all different kinds. Great pictures.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...


There is nothing so beautiful, nor so renewing as a day without those things manmade, but rather those things devinely created. Appreciate each season for the unique character it offers, always apprectiating the author of it all.


Andylynne said...

Walking on a fall day is both exciting and peaceful. Soaking up all the beauty around you. I try and bring Autumn indoors. The chestnut is wonderful. That photo is so vibrant. You do have wonderful toadstools, your pictures prove that. As I was writing this I envisioned a toad sitting on one. Somedays it's fun to see the literal meaning of a word in my head. Thanks for the fun peek :) Enjoy Autumn and post more great photos( grinning here)

Judy said...

What a beautiful walk, thank you so much for sharing. Your little souvenir is priceless!!

Carolien said...

The same things as on the pictures you made ánd the trees of course.

Ahum, ahum, something different: tonight I will finish V's sampler. It's true, yes!!! :)

Take care & hugs, Carolien

Sweetie said...

Hi Heidi, I enjoyed your description of your walk and the photos. I never noticed before how unique a chestnut really is. Also, your music is the greatest. I had a wonderful experience today. I actually talked to your mother. Words cannot express how wonderful it was to actually hear her voice and share our thoughts.

Nan said...

I love the chestnut! Now, those are the 'conkers' in all the English books I read, right??

Dresden Plate said...

Chestnuts are falling here too, and we love to put them in the woodburner, wait till they are done, and then eat with a little salt!
Conkers are what we call 'horse chestnuts'.

Melissa said...


Such beautiful pictures. You know how I collect decorative mushrooms.

Your life sounds busy, but a good busy.

Hope all is well.

Love Melissa

Rhonda in OK said...

those mushroom clusters are amazing!

My favorite fall sites are piles of pumpkins and fall mums and pansies.

And about your fabric diet, mine is not showing any results either. I have bought hardly any fabric at stores but have bought a lot at thrift stores and rummage sales. Even thought I am sewing up lots of things -I think my stash is even bigger now than in January.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

My favorite autumn sight today was my two furry dogs playing in the leaves in the chill of the early morning.

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful photos Heidi! My favourite sights of Autumn are the jewel like colours of the turning leaves and the golden sunshine streaming through the trees. I love the smells of Autumn too, very special.

Rhondi said...

Dear Heidi
Those photos are beautiful. The colors of autumn really lend themself to photography! I love th ecolors of the leaves this time of year.
Hgs, Rhondi