Monday, January 05, 2009

Frosty beginnings

January has started very cold and with a heavy frost over the garden. It is really a pretty sight. At first, Jos wanted me to put the pumpkins and gourds away to save them from the heavy frost. Why miss this beauty when they will begin to deteriorate anyway.

So I stepped outside at the cottage to snap a series of photos with them all painted by Jack Frost himself.

At the tip of his paintbrush, Jack Frost makes anything a work of art!

Another frosty beginning is the start of my new year. I am having to go to the hospital this week and next for tests but on top of all that my first of three weekly major dentist appointments is tomorrow morning. A fractured tooth will be pulled tomorrow so wish me luck. I am praying it will come out with no problems and the infection I have had for well over a year will clear up quickly. I hate going to the dentist so I am not looking forward to this. Lucky or not, my having to go to the doctor and then have tests done has totally distracted me from tomorrow's doings.

I found this drawing and thought it very humorous considering:

The caption from this drawing from "Punch" dating from 1920 is:
Mother (firmly, to little daughter about to have a tooth drawn). "Now, Betty, if you cry, I'll never take you to a dentist's again."

My own footnote would be..."Dear mother, is that a promise?" *grins* Now could someone pass me a tissue while I have a good cry?

Edit note: There is good news and bad news...the good news is that I am not at the dentist appointment but that brings the bad news. He has decided that I need to go to the hospital to have the tooth removed. We had called him to make sure my coughing would not be a problem with having the tooth extracted. He says that is not the problem but that they never should have made an appointment for this as he does not extract teeth when there is a complicated problem. Yikes! I don't do hospitals! The only cutting I want to be involved with in my lifetime is my quilt fabric!

This is all due to a bad dentist's work (not my current dentist) so the moral of the story is if you are ever in doubt about what a dentist is doing, stop him and go see someone else. I wish I had. More news, my hospital appointment has been moved up from Monday to today.


Saskia said...

Is a box of kleenex oke??
I got the bill from the dentist, I had to cry too! (again..)
You will be in my toughts this week.

Susan in SC said...

(((Heidi))) - all will be well tomorrow. We will surround you with prayers and everything will be fine! LOVE your pictures!

DonnaTN said...

Dear Heidi, don't focus on each individual dental appointment. Just focus on how much better you will feel when all is said and done. You may be amazed at how much better you feel after having that infection for so long. I'll keep prayers going your way.

Sweetie said...

I just stopped by to say, "Hello." I like your "Joy of Old Books" post. Also, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning (the first in a series) also. I'll be thinking about you while I'm there.

Mary said...

Heidi I do hope all goes well for you at the dentist. These days nothing is painful, they take such good care to make you comfortable.

I hope also that your test results will be fine. Keep your chin and wear a smile......and know we are all pulling for you dear.

Love the 'Jack Frost' photos. We've not had any heavy frost or snow yet - not too late though, Jan. and Feb. can be the worst months here in central NC.

With love, Mary.

Ginny said...

Heidi, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Perhaps with everything you have to do, the week will go quickly and everything will be over before you know it.

Linda said...

Heidi....I'm a scardy cat too when it comes to the dentist and doctor. I just keep telling myself I'll be fine plus I carry a good luck token with me...this always makes me feel better. You'll be in my thoughts and I hope the procedures are over quickly...hugs, Linda

Tracy said...

Oh, Heidi! So sorry to hear of all your dental problems! Hoping all will be well as you go to hospital to have things put to rights. May you be feeling better soon! :o) Thinking of you and sending ((BIG HUGS)) Love the frost-glittered pumpkins & gourds

Pondside said...

Hi Heidi - sending you all good wishes for a speedy extraction that leaves you saying 'all dental work should be done in the hospital!' Just think how virtuous you'll feel when all is over and done!

Nancy said...

Ok, I would NEVER have said that to you. You would have started crying for sure so you never had to go again. I wish you lived here so we could go to a GOOD doctor. Mine.
She would steer you in the right direction. I have nooooo faith in the Dutch doctors at all. The better get their act together and take care of my little girl.
Love you and your cute little picture. Mom

Happy @ Home said...

Dental appointments give me the creeps so I can sympathize with you. You are in my thoughts and I hope all goes well for you and it will soon be behind you.

Very pretty frosty pictures.


Tone said...

What can i say!!! Good luck with everything!!
Feel for you now!
Tell me how things went!
I have a dentist appointment next week, but I will not complain - compared to your appointments this is nothing...
The thing I CAN DO - is to send you a really overbig HUG!

Nan said...

My thoughts are with you, Heidi, in all you are going through. I just read what your mom wrote, and it just must be awful for her having you so far away in times as these.