Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There in lies comfort.....

Where do you find comfort? What are the things in life and in your home that give you that warm and peaceful feeling?

For me, comfort is a word I would use to describe my home when it is balanced and feeling right to me. After the holidays, I was redoing all the vignettes on my tables. I decided to place my bookends and a series of my old books on the antique sea chest by our reading chair and ottoman. I usually group the books by color but after I started playing, I decided to mix the colors this time. I added more items from around the home and my table looked just right.....the result was comfort.

I love vintage books and have decided that I will add one a month this year. It will be a treat to search online for a good book to add to my collection.

Another item I love collecting are vintage or antique opera glasses. This year, I would love to find a pair made of Mother of Pearl to add to these which I have so far.

My December vintage book find arrived on my doormat just this morning. It was a win on eBay and is in really great shape. A book called "Bird Life of the Seasons: Peeps at Nature" from 1920. Even the name is sweet!

There are black and white as well as color plates throughout the book. I wanted to purchase another bird book that was not in great shape just to save it. I knew someone was bidding on it probably just to rip it up and remove the many color plates. It saddened me to think of a book being destroyed. Books are a great comfort to me. I love to read them but also look to even just see them. I can go into an old library and literally not be able to breath for a moment in awe.

Do you have something that gives you this feeling of comfort?


Tracy said...

Comfort would be a good word to use about our house. People that visit say it is a warm, inviting, cozy place. My sister-in-law and family were visiting this past Sunday and she said we have calm, serene space. I think that is true...We try to cultivate a great deal of calm, well-being, comfort and delight in our home. For the comfort level--it would have to be our cozy room with the fireplace that is off the dining room. We live in it and by the fire in winter months. My small craft room comes in a close second, as I find my creative space very comforting and uplifting to be in. During the winter months these comforts are enjoyed even more deeply. Your comforts here a splendid, Heidi. Love those old, old books...So glad you are doing well, that all is ok with...and may you be breathing feeling again. ((BIG HUGS))

Pieceful Afternoon said...

My comfort also comes in books - among many other things. I have several old books that have beautiful covers, and I keep them for no other reason than that - beauty. I will often buy a book for its cover, and while it is true you can't judge a book by its cover - you can certainly find joy in the looking.

I also like old leather journals - and buy them whenever I can find them. One of my favorites is a journal kept by a young lady as she sailed to Europe and spent the summer there - she recorded small details about the trip, about her knitting (she knit a skirt during her travels), about who she met, who she ate with and all the tourist things they did. Quite fascinating.

I saw the book at a stall in a flea market - didn't buy it - but wished I had. We knew the seller so we called her at home and asked if we could come and get the book - she said yes and we made a trip through an area we were not familiar with - in the dark - just to get the book. And I'm glad we did. It even has the tiny pencil still in it that she wrote with.

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims and Gardens said...

Comfort is a beautiful way to describe a home. I love old items that are well used. Baby clothing items, pieces made by my grandmother. I buy things that are like what my maternal grandmother made, or old looking quilted items, but are new. I also have olded childrens books. I recently purchased an old book titled, Talks to Young Women. I enjoyed reading it and pondered the change over the last 70 years. I love the way you mixed the colors, and your opera glasses are nice with them.
Have a wonderful day, hope your breathing is doing well today.

Andylynne said...

I too love books, the older the better. I love the illistrations, but also love the infomation contained within. That is what I thought of when you talked about the old libraries. The comfort they bring. I recntly found a good copy and a tattered copy of the same book. I had intended to use the plates falling out of the tattered book to frame etc. But I couldn't do it:).
My peace and comfort are derived from my little piece of the country, my animals and my faith.
I love my snug reading areas and

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I spent the evening knitting by a roaring fire with Edward and Apple curled up beside me. Pure comfort!

Elizabethd said...

Lovely vignettes.
I see you have a nice old Angela Brazil book there, one of my favourites as a girl! I did enjoy her school stories.

Mary said...

Your new vignettes look so warm and comforting Heidi - I'm sure when walking into your lovely home one is immediately wrapped in peace and beauty.

I was sorry to read about your breathing problem and hope so much the docs will be able to help clear this up so your dental work can proceed.

The bird book is lovely. I know your 'rescue' of it will ensure it stays in good shape for many years. Any books I remove pages from for projects have to be severely damaged to start with - I would never tear up a perfect book! I'm thrilled with the old French books I bought in Provence - the aged look what what I was looking for and as they were inexpensive in the tiny, hidden away, used bookshops - compared to the high-priced antiques shops - I was able to buy several. Of course if I'd taken that extra suitcase I would have bought many more!!

Stay warm dear - we're about to get some very chilly weather here too - my peeking out bulbs may get zapped I fear.

Love - Mary.

Pondside said...

Comfort for me has to do with books too. The cosiest place in my house is beside a round table, in front of the double book case. The light is just right, night or day, and I feel quite nestled in. It's my favorite place in winter time.
Your opera glasses are lovely - I've never before known of anyone who collects them. Good luck with the mother-of-pearl.

Anonymous said...

Heidie, i love the way you mixed the books on the chest. It looks so nice, these different colours !
I also have a (small) collection of opera glasses....though i also lik them a lot because of the little bags that go with them.
Making such nice corners with collectables or something else always make me happy :)
Greetings, Janneke.

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi
Just having familiar things around me gives me comfort, a favorite phot or a teapot I've had a long time. I guess things that I have had for awhile give me comfort. Wrapping up in one of the quilts I have made also give sme great comfort. Your home looks so comfortable and warm. Hope you find those mother of pearl binoculars you're loooking for.
Hugs, Rhondi

Tone said...

Heidi, I just love your way of describing your life and home. And I smiled when I saw the opera glasses - I just love opera!
Lovely ice-skating-days here in Norway as well - kids playing out all the time - even us grown ups...
Hope for you that the doctors can bring your health back to normal!
Lots of luck for you my friend :-)
Hugs from Tone

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh for me comfort is home. Nice and clean and tidy so that I can snuggle with a good book :) Oh and a good cozy pair of jammies!


Mia said...

What a lovely question; what does give me a feeling of comfort? The answer would be my home. I as a real homebody, love being at home and not having to go anywhere... I love being warm, so our fireplace comforts me during these cold winter months, my bed makes me feel comfortable and secure (trying to sleep in strange beds always leaves me sleepless, at least the first night away from home...) Order gives me comfort (I dislike mess, both literally and visually) and I love old/vintage/antique things (I truly understand your love of old books). There is great comfort to be found in the idea that things have been around for a long time, that they have had a life before this and that they will keep on having it even after they no longer are in my possession. Apart from our beds and the sofa there are hardly any new furniture in our house, and I quite like it that way.

Anonymous said...

Winter always seems to bring out the coziness in a home, don't you think? I live lighting candles and turning on my small lamps just as dusk is settling in ... it gives my home a warm glow and I think even the walls sigh in comfort!


Sweetie said...

I love your vintage books. You have them displayed so nicely. Also, the opera glasses are lovely. What are they displayed upon? The wood is beautiful. I have to admit that I'm missing your mother too. I hope that she's enjoying her vacation and that the weather is nice. They have cancelled schools for tomorrow already due to this horrendous cold weather.

Sweetie said...

I love your vintage books. You have them displayed so nicely. Also, the opera glasses are lovely. What are they displayed upon? The wood is beautiful. I have to admit that I'm missing your mother too. I hope that she's enjoying her vacation and that the weather is nice. They have cancelled schools for tomorrow already due to this horrendous cold weather.

Linda said...

Heidi...for me comfort is my home...I love being here and puttering brings me much happiness. I love soft lighting, candles, a cup of something, a soft cozy quilt and a good read with my Lily cuddled next to me and my family close at hand, for me this is my comfort...hugs, Linda

p.s.Your latest book is very nice....I'm glad you have it to enjoy. L

Gillian L. said...

Such wonderful images of your home Heidi and I really love the items you have thoughtfully place out. Bookends at so much charm to home...great post!


Nancy said...

We were in some antique shops in Florida and I was looking at Opera Glasses and books. I didn't buy any, but I did buy you a birthday gift from one of the shops. Now, start guessing, but I won't tell you anyway. LOL.
Love you, Mom

Tone said...

Hi Heidi!
How is your health? Hope things go better.
Here we have had over 30 cm of snow tonight - kids just love it! I was much more in a mood for tulips and spring - but anyway - as long as kids have fun its ok. Whats not nice, is that it was over 20 accidents by car in our area last night because of the heavy snowfall - and a thousand cars needed rescue.
So you might say that winterwonderland finally appearet here in Norway - a month too late... - would have been nice to have a white xmas but you know...
have a nice week - and lots of luck with your health.

Tone said...

....forgot to write what the word "comfort" means to me.
Comfort is safe and calm... comfort is when we arrive at our cottage, the fireplace on, two big chairs in front of the fireplace, sheep blankets, a tiny table with to glasses of redwine, some nice woolen socks, - and my loved one next to me. And two sleeping kids in the bedroom. ... thats comfort.

Wishing all the kids in Gaza these days could have this feeling...and for their parents - that they could be sure their kids was alright... - that they could provide them medical care and safety.

Melissa said...


Your vignettes are so lovely and give off a warm and cozy feel.


Regina said...

Hi Heidi
I love your arrangement.I like your
old book and your opera glass.
Comfort is for me a cosy room with
a fireplace to sit in a arm chair and
to read,knit or to crochet.
I wish you all the best for your health!