Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Questions about daffodils

Nan had asked me a number of questions in the comments of one of my entries a few days ago. I wanted to take a moment to answer her.

Once the flowers are dying back, I dead~head them. At this point, you have to leave the leaves and stems for a further six weeks to allow the 'goodness' to go back into the bulb.

Yes, we do mow the lawns. If you have to mow within six weeks of the bulbs no longer being in flower, then you must mow around them and leaving the green leaves in tact. Once the time has passed you simply mow the leaves away and they rest until the next spring season.

Holland is a beautiful place at this time of year. City areas are all planted up with various bulbs from crocus to daffodils to tulips. We try to make it to the west (coastal) area to view the tulip fields which are a site to see although it has been a couple of years again since we have taken this drive. Maybe this year.....

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Yolanda Elizabet said...

Hi Heidi,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see that we have some favorite authors in common such as Jane Austen and miss Read. :-)

You have lovely blogs and do a lot of needlework and quilting I see. Very pretty! I love quilts.

Your cottage garden is looking very nice at the moment with all those daffodils. No one has ever written a better poem about them than Wordsworth!