Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The waiting is over

This is such a wonderful time to live in Holland! Our daffodils are out in the grass. Remember the last photo of them waiting to burst forth? It is like little spiritual rays of sunshine to look out at their bright color in the early spring.
Nan asked me how tall the miniature daffodils are? They are about half the height of a normal daffodil ~ about 6 inches high. The flower heads are also about half the size of the normal daffodil but look like their larger counterparts. These are Tete-A-Tetes and very popular here.
As you can see, our cottage's garden borders right on the woods. We can walk out into this part of the woods from our driveway. There is however, a road going through it leading to the dirt road that comes to the weekend cottage. We have to cross that road yet to walk a bit deeper into the woods.
We were surprised to see the newer area we planted right by our second bird feeder was also ready to open. This weekend these full~sized flowers will be in full bloom. It is fun to see the new ones open each weekend. There is yet another patch which should be opening within the next two weeks. Each year, we enjoy them so much and thought we planted so many more but now I have decided that I want to plant as many again this coming fall. We have just put in some some dahlias, ranunculas and sparaxis bulbs. It will be fun to watch these come up later in the spring.


Anonymous said...

beautifull garden Heidi
best regards

Nancy said...

I love daffodils! This is so beautiful Heidi.


diane said...

LOVE it!! Thanks for the bursts of color and the feelings of spring. Your area looks so picturesque, something out of a book on cottages!

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful, Heidi! ♥

Nan said...

Oh, I love these pictures! Do you mow these lawns in the summer, or do they grow up to field? If you do mow, must you wait until the daffs have died back? I've heard you must let the leaves be for a while. Mine are in a place we don't have to mow till later in the season. Oh, to be in Holland. Do you drive past those fields and fields of tulips we all see in photos?

Solstitches said...

Oh Heidi,
If there is one thing I miss about England it is the riot of daffodils I would be seeing about now.
Those pictures are just beautiful. Enjoy! Mother Nature is at her very best right now.