Monday, March 12, 2007

The beauty of spring color

Today is the day when bold kites fly,
When cumulus clouds roar across the sky.
When robins return, when children cheer,
When light rain beckons spring to appear.

Today is the day when daffodils bloom,
Which children pick to fill the room,
Today is the day when grasses green,
When leaves burst forth for spring to be seen.

by Robert McCracken, "Spring"

My crocus bulbs have really done me proud. I planted them in a patch of grass at our weekend cottage. They are in their full glory now. I watched the bees drinking happily from them. There were even three very active large and fuzzy bumble bees already in the garden. We also saw a bright yellow male brimstone butterfly darting about the hedges.

Our feeders are attracting not only the normal host of birds but also the Great Spotted Woodpecker, bullfinches, and for the first time we saw two long-tailed tits. Normally we have many types of tits at the feeders but never this sort although they are very common in Holland.

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diane said...

Oh these flowers and their bursting forth is so beautiful and refreshing! I have to live thru you vicariously for the moment!
Enjoy the color and the smells of spring!