Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blue and white ~ The Laundry room

In my quest to celebrate each season for what it brings, I have discovered I am having to decide what I feel I can use in my home to decorate for times when I did used to rush into a next season or holiday. Normally, I would have my pink and red quilts out. I would be decorating for Valentine's Day. I am waiting until the end of the month to do this and enjoying pure winter instead.

I discovered that I don't have quilts that simply say winter to me. I will have to work on creating one as my wall in my laundry room is currently bare while I decide which quilt will work there. This is because I decided to put out my blue and white items. Blue and white seemed to say winter to me.

This is the wall basket I had my red tulips and berries in over the holidays. It is now filled with eucalyptus, ferns and white berries.

On my folding table, I laid our a crocheted tablerunner made by my grandmother and on one side have my blue willow plate, a blue and white paperweight and a tulip vase with white tulips. This is a Delft blue vase that Jos bought for me when we visited the potteries in Delft a number of years ago.

I found a medium height cloche over the holidays and have used all three here. Under the small cloche is a Staffordshire transferware cup and saucer, the medium has a German small wine jug and the largest a French petit~four plate on a foot with a blueberry wreath. I so enjoyed having the old Singer sewing machine out during Christmas that I left it out and placed some ferns and my ivory opera glasses along with it to give it a white accent.

Have you ever heard the poem "The Willow Pattern"?

Whilst we sit around the table,
Please allow me to relate,
The entrancing ancient fable
Of "The Willow Pattern Plate."

Every picture tells a story,
Like the Willow Pattern Plate,
Where two lovers dwelt in glory,
And defied paternal hate.

By elopement from the castle
You observe upon the ridge,
Where the violent old rascal
Chases them across the bridge.

Tries to catch the rogue and whip him,
'Ere he steals the daughter fair;
But the loving pair outstrip him,
Let him languish in despair.

Thrown upon their own resources,
In a junk they emigrate,
To a splendid little oasis,
Near the margin of the plate.

Dwell in peace, whilst unmolested,
In most perfect harmony;
Till at length they are arrested,
by his Nibs' gendarmerie.

Then the tyrant lord appeals to
Law and lucre, with their pow'r;
Caught, confined, they have their meals too,
In that horrid little tow'r.

When the pair are executed,
To appease their lord irate,
To a pair of doves transmuted,
Still they fly upon the plate.

Every picture tells a story,
Like the Willow Pattern blue,
And true love will reign in glory,
To infinity! Adieu

~~ B. L. Bowers ~~

How are you celebrating winter?


Nancy said...

Well, first, yes, I am reading more books. I finished one and started another. They are lined up waiting for me.
I love the look you have going here. As you know, I love blue. It is in much of my house. A touch in some rooms, but a lot in others.
Love you, Mom

Lynda said...

Blue & white is my favourite colour combination in any season, Heidi! :) I love your vignettes ... have I ever showed you the Delft vase I have? Many years ago I had a friend who was living in Holland and she sent it to me. I always wait until February 1st to decorate for Valentine's Day and then keep them up for the whole month. Enjoy finding a winter quilt project! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Mary said...

Heidi - I love the blue and white vignette - and enjoyed the poem again - remember it from before.

My Valentine decor will be minimal, I've just too many other projects in the works! I'll enjoy yours instead - and perhaps Mom will surprise us with a new collection of something red/pink she has stashed away, LOL! How about red blankies for the sheep?

I've 'met' Angela - she is so sweet and says she will see you soon - lucky girl!
When does Jos get home?
Have a great weekend - hopefully he'll be with you.

Angela said...

I love your beautiful arrangements. You take so much care over every corner but seem to do it so effortlessly. I have a lot still to learn..haha!
'Wandering' around your house and cottage is like taking a journey through a calm and peaceful haven where we can nurture the inner creative child in all of us :>)
Hugs, Angela
PS Thank you so much for introducing me to Mary :>)

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi How are you today? I must admit that I just endure winter. Fortunately here in North Carolina we don't get much winter weather. I like your blue and white, of course. It's my favorite! I like the poem. I've never heard it before, so I'll have to make a copy of it because blue willow is our everyday china. Rhondi xo

Nancy said...

Everything is so beautiful Heidi! Don't you just love blue and white? I love your wall basket and all your treasures under glass. The paperweight is wonderful! And how romantic that Jos bought you a heart shaped vase. What a pleasant space in your home!

Jeanne said...

Your blue and white arrangements are so lovely Heidi! I've been using black and white and red for my January accents. Things look so sparse after the Christmas things have been put away.

Rhondi said...

Hello dear friend. Fabulous Friday! I like that. Thanks for asking about my DH. He just got the stitches out this morning and everything is fine. Hope you have a great weekend.

Mia said...

Oh, Heidi, your blue and white china is just beautiful. And especially the Delft vase (I do not believe I have seen one like it before). I am very fond of blue and white, and always seem to be adding more to my growing collection. I too have blue and white in my laundry room, in fact, when I made a posting of it last winter (and had not started writing my posts in english yet) some foreign bloggers thought that the photos were from my kitchen (because of all the blue and white china...!)

Joanne said...

Heidi, I too use blue and white in the winter along with silver. I love that color combination and do something similar in summer adding a bit of green and some sea items. Of course, I guess the colors remind me of two of my favorite things: snow and the ocean :)
Hugs, Joanne

Regina said...

Hello Heidi
I love your blue and white arrangement.Your delft vase is so great,I have never seen it before.You
had a loveley husband.And your table
runner from your grandma is super.
Have a wonderful evening
hugs,Regina xxx

Carolien said...

I love your blue and white arrangements, especially the Delft vase. I know tulip vases, but have never seen this edition. Lovely!
Our children are all born in Delft, by the way.

Have a nice evening!
Hugs, Carolien

Wild Rose said...

Hi Heidi

I love that Diana Krall song "Counting Your Blessings". Enjoy winter while you can ~ I love blue and white ~ a beautiful combination.

Come on over and visit ~ I have a couple of awards for you.

Enjoy your weekend.

Marie x

Elly said...

Wat leuk dat jij ook zo met de seizoenen bezig bent! Ik probeer het ook op m'n eigen manier en heb een hoekje met een seizoenstafel. En ook ik vind wit met (ijs)blauw een perfecte kleurencombi voor de winter. Jammer dat het buiten zo saai en grijs is. Een keertje een lekker pak sneeuw lijkt me geweldig! Ik heb met veel plezier op je blog rondgekeken! Heel fijn weekend!

Betty said...

It's a pleasure to 'meet' you also. Yes, I have the legend about the Blue willow....sweet, isn't it?

I also have a red and white willow meat platter. I found it in an antique store for nine dollars. It had a very small nick on the rim that I quickly repaired with a red permanent acrylic pen....

Thanks for answering my question as to how you landed so far away....I love to hear love stories....Betty

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