Thursday, January 24, 2008

January is blue and white month...

There is a saying that the Scottish are thrifty. Well, I am here to say that it is really the Dutch! My husband is one to be sure he gets a bargain and has no fear. We went to IKEA which is only 5 minutes from my home this past Monday evening. He asked me if I wanted to go look at the things in the 'koopjeshoek' or markdown room. Well, of course.

We found a stack of four breakfast plates which we had bought about a year ago. We had broken one of ours and another is chipped. I mentioned I should buy at least one to replace the broken one. They were only 1.50 euro per plate. He asked did I want them all. After some disbelief he asked me that, I said sure but just the dinner and breakfast plates were fine. He, being Jos, picked up the stack and marched back to the warehouse to ask them to give him them all with more discount. They did! We got all four breakfast plates for 2 euro and the five dinner plates for 3 euro.

When he came back and showed me what they priced them at, I said I should have done the pasta dishes after all for these prices. Jos' response? Do you want them and back again he went. Now the dinner plates and pasta dishes are marked down to 2 euro each. One of the guys in the back room said the other did them too cheaply and he would have to charge more. So he came back and said we could have all six pasta dishes for 5 euro. All I could do was laugh. Not that I needed new dishes but it is fun to have new things and a great bargain as well. It is a privilege to be to married to a Dutchman. *giggle*

A Christmas present arrived in the mail from Jos' company. We got five bottles of Italian wines. Time to plan a nice dinner. When can you all arrive?


Nancy said...

Just hold onto the wine. We will arrive in Spring. LOL. By then, you will have this gone, but never fear, there will be some in your kitchen I am sure.
Only Jos is all I can say. I am never surprised at anything you tell me. He is a nut.

Nan - said...

I just love this story, and what pretty dishes!

Regina said...

Hi Heidi
Loveley story.I have the same dishes.
I like Ikea,I have a kitchen and a
big white sink from Ikea.
Have a nice evening,

Nancy said...

I love your new plates and pasta dishes Heidi, and hooray for Jos! It looks like a nice selection of wine. You are inviting us? I'll be there in a flash (I wish).

Thanks for playing Shiny Happy People. I love that song! Michael Stipe has such a nice voice.

angelasweby said...

Oh, I can just see the gorgeous pasta on these plates, Heidi. I hope we will all contribute to creating some delicious meals together :>)
They are such lovely plates and Jos could obviously see they were too good a bargain to miss.
Hugs, Angela

The Tattered Nest said...

what a bargain hunter your husband is! what a deal...they are pretty!

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi my friend
The bargains you got at Ikea are great. Nice to have a husband who likes to bargain! I like the blue and white of course. We are finally getting an Ikea here next year sometime. I can't wait. We used to live in Toronto Canada and we had an Ikea there for many years.
Thanks for visiting me and always leaving comments.
Rhondi xo

Betty said...

Gosh, what beautiful blue and white dishes....your husband did good!

Your chairs turned out great....Betty

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

Can I borrow Jos some day? LOL I wouldn't dare to do that, so there is Dutch and Dutch... Had a father-in-law just like him. It was great fun seeing him 'work on a case'. Enjoy your lovely plates and the wine!

Hugs, Carolien

Carolien said...

Sorry, forgot to say that I love that lace under your plates, the butterflies are so beautiful! Did you make that yourself?

Have a great weekend!

Hugs, Carolien

Ragged Roses said...

What wonderful bargains Heidi. Those plates are very pretty. Perhaps some pasta on the new plates to go with some of that wine? Enjoy

Tanya said...

These are gorgeous!!! I wish our IKEA had this pattern - now I'm on a mission to check. Hmmmm, swedish meatballs sure would be good about now. Now - it's 7:42AM! lol Ah well, sure would be good anyway :) Our 'as is' department at IKEA is a treasure trove - you never know what you'll find - you sure did find treasure!


Nunnie's Attic said...

OOOH what types of wine will we be imbibing??

The plates are gorgeous! You go Jos!


Anonymous said...

Good job Jos! Nice plates for pasta and fine Italian wine, we could bring the ingredients for the pasta and dessert! :) :)
Nice weekend and groetjes

Mandie said...

Oh Heidi...only you and Jos could walk away with such a great deal! HA HA HA!!!! They are beautiful dishes! And that wine looks pretty appealing! I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Love you and miss you!

Espresso Girlie said...

What pretty dishes, they will set a lovely table with that fabulous wine you received. Enjoy.


Joyce said...

Hey Heidi,
Thank you for your concern for my friends and myself :~). In short response to your question I have "R.A." so they treat it (for me anyhow they do different things for different people of course)with a "Chemo" (Methotextrate)injection once a week.
Loved your bargains. We do not have an IKEA here..oddly. I saw one in Austin TX. last summer while visiting friends there but we were heading to another store and didn't have time for both so we had to skip the IKEA.
By they way I met two nice ladies today from Holland. A daughter and a Mother...the daughter lives here...the Mother was visiting. They were SO sweet. The Mom was buying a pair of "Crocs" shoes to wear back home in her garden! HA! They told me the town she was from but said it was "little" and now I can't remember it.

Joni said...

I love those dishes and can I borrow Jos the next time I go shopping? I will pass on the wine but if anyone sends you some Diet Coke, will you save it for me?

Fete et Fleur said...

Love the blue and white china! What a great story!!

Hugs! Nancy

Lynda said...

Love those dishes, Heidi! You sure got a great bargain ~ Jos should come shopping with you more often. :) Enjoy your wine and your new dishes. ~ hugs, Lynda xox

Teresa said...

Your dishes are beautiful. I don't drink, but I would love to come for dinner!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a wonderful story! I love Ikea! Those plates are wonderful and Jos is a great bargainer!

I will be there for the Italian wine dinner when ever you have it! I am looking forward to it :-)

Jillian said...

Hello! I just found your blog via Betty of "Country Charm" and I have to giggle as well because my dear hubby would have also done the SAME THING with those dishes. I probably would have hidden under a hat rack or something...but it is funny when they do that!

Love the Christmas present of the Italian wines. WONDERFUL!

And your tulips are beautiful. Love how the color "pops." I've only been to Holland once and liked it very much.


Kristen said...

Those are beautiful! I didn't see those at our IKEA! Oh well, such is life! Hmmmmm, so how long can you hang on to that wine??? I am on my way... :)