Saturday, January 12, 2008

More winter fun and a tag.....

Are you celebrating winter? I hope so even if you are not in the midst of winter weather. I sometimes wonder where winter is but I am sure it is out there lurking and will sneak up on us in the middle of February or March as it often does in Holland.

I remember winters as a girl in Ohio starting around Halloween or Thanksgiving and lasting until the end of February or into March which are the 'mud months' due to the dirty roads as the snow melts. Regardless, I feel winter even though I don't see it out my window!

As you come in my front door for a cup of tea, you are greeted by this winter scene. These are very old wooden Dutch ice skates that are strapped to regular shoes. The sign 'Let It Snow' is a find from this year. I knew it would be perfect sitting on top of my mirror. If only it would snow.....sigh.....

I have been tagged by both Kristy and Carolien for four things about myself. Here goes:

4 Jobs I have had
~ Activities therapist assistant
~ Travel agent
~ homemaker

4 Movies I watch over and over
~ Jane Eyre
~ The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
~ Little Women
~ Sense and Sensibility

4 Places I lived
~ England
~ Ohio
~ Sweden
~ Belgium
4 TV shows I watch
~ To Buy or Not to Buy (BBC)
~ Escape to the Country (BBC)
(I don't watch TV so much any longer. Between my needlework and blogging, my time is full.)

4 Places I've been
~ Haworth (a Bronte paradise)
~ The Alsace (a favorite place in France)
~ The Cotswolds (holding special memories from a mother/daughter trip)
~ The Yorkshire Dales (heaven on earth)

4 People who email me regularly
~ Diane
~ Angela
~ My mother
~ Sonja

4 Favourite things to eat
~ Dark chocolate
~ Fresh pasta
~ Dutch speculaas (cookies) dipped in hot tea
~ whatever I plan for dinner tonight! :)

4 Places I would rather be
~ In my quilt studio
~ At Cranberry Cottage
~ Oh to be in England.....anytime of the year!
~ Amish country

4 Things I look forward to this year
~ Some online stitching friends coming for a get~together in Holland
~ Meeting my new online friend Carolien for the first time
~ Spending time with Jos seeing what the year brings
~ Fingers crossed that we will get our first puppy

4 People I will tag
~ Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses
~ Margaret at A Sampler of Stitches
~ Gail at The Tattered Nest
~ Tanya at At the Honeysuckle Tree


Nancy said...

Ok Heidi, Oh to be in England is soooo right. We so need to go back.
I forgot to do my favorite things to eat, but Chocolate ranks right up there.
I know all these things about you though.

Carolien said...

How nice you also look forward to meet one day, Heidi! In an earlier comment I gave you my email address. Maybe when you are both feeling better, we could meet? When you feel up to ut, please send a little email then.
I can imagine you look forward to have a puppy! What kind, do you know already? Sounds exciting!
I didn't know there was a new edition of Sense and Sensibility on t.v., to be honest. I love the 'Emma Thompson' edition very much! How is the new one, do you enjoy watching it?
I share your passion for England and the Yorkshire Dales.

Bye! Carolien

yellowfarmhouse said...

What a welcoming entrance into your home, very cute. I also have that Let It Snow sign, but it's still packed away :). Fun to read about you.

Hugs - Karen

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Heidi!
I love your entry winter vignette! And I loved learning a little more about you! My husband is half Swedish and half English and he would love to vist Sweden.

Ginny said...

I love your winter scene! Do you dress up the mirror for other seasons as well?

Christine said...

Such a pretty display Heidi. Love the "Let It Snow" sign, such a perfect spot for it. You never cease to amaze me!

I'm happy you compleated your tag. I love learning about people. My you are one well travelled lady.

Oh a puppy! This is one dog lover who will be watching for a possible new addition.

Mia said...

Well, winter has come for a brief visit here in Norway. It started with rain, but soon changed to snow, and today we woke up to a pretty white landscape. But according to the weather forecast it will stay here only until tomorrow, when more rain and milder weather is to be expected. Winters certainly are not what they used to be... But you have nonetheless decorated your entrance beautifully. I love the old skates.

Thank you for reminding me (in one of your previous posts) of the film, "Miss Potter", that I had hoped to find. Well, yesterday I finally took courage and ordered it online (my first online purchase ever...?) and now I can not wait for it to show up in my mailbox!

Carolien said...

O, how sweet of you and your mother to answer this quickly! Thank you so much! I mean the links in a blog entry. (The sidebar is no problem; that works as it should. I think it's so much nicer to refer to the links of others directly, so that's why I was looking and looking. The people in my surrounding couldn't tell me, so I tried it this way.
Take your time, but THABK YOU!!!

Hugs, Carolien

Carolien said...

I mean: THANK YOU!!!

Regina said...

Dear Heidi
Heidi by it sees very,very cozy out.
Wonderful the old skates,that embroidered figure,the snowmen,this
pretty mouses, all that looks great.
Have you the 3 whiten cone selmade?
If so,how? You can me an e-mail send
Have a nice week
Hugs Regina xxx

Lynda said...

How fun to learn a little more about you, Heidi! A puppy? Lucky you! Do you have a particular breed in mind? Having one of my own isn't possible right now but I enjoy regular visits with my Mom & Dad's little dog. ~ Lynda xo

Mary said...

Heidi - you diddn't tell me you actually LIVED in England at one time!! Yes, I loved the Yorkshire Dales too - my brother lived near there back in the 80's and I got to visit once. We in the Southwest were always painted a bleak picture of Northern England -how wrong, the countryside is gorgeous there also, definitely not all factories and belchling smokestacks!
Love the entrance vignette - you always make everything so welcoming.

Kristen said...

Ok, so I did know most of that! :) I just didn't see with your Niece anywhere on there.... hmmmmm...... :) JK!!! I know that you are so excited for the coming year and hopefully getting that sweet little addition you have been hoping for! You forgot to mention that you took care of Mandie and I, and I am sure that was nearly a full time job. :) tee hee!!!!

Wild Rose said...

Oh Heidi, now I feel homesick! The Yorkshire Dales and Howarth ~ bliss!

Marie x