Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bringing spring/summer to Cranberry Cottage

Last weekend, I was sitting thinking about how both my house here in the city and Cranberry Cottage have a very autumnal look. I was inspired to do little things to bring a bit of spring or summer to the cottage. The first and easiest thing to do is work on my pillows on the couch. I will show you photos of how it looks after I come back home on Sunday but here is a peek at what I am working on today...

The cushions are green and brown shades tapestry with various woodland animals on them. I brought this one home to use for the sizing of the new covers I am making.

I used fabrics from my quilt stash cupboard so I did not have to spend any money on this quick makeover. First, I sewed a simple pillowcase slip in a pink and cream plaid. This slipcase is longer than the pillow it will cover.

I then sewed a square slipcover in a pretty 1800s reproduction dress flower print in just a half inch larger size as the pillow itself. This makes it easy to slip over the rest. I sewed some thin satin ribbon in browns and pinks to the opening of the slipcase.

Leaving the pink plaid fabric out on the end, I tied the ribbons with little bows and finished a simple summer look for our couch.

This will give you an idea of how these three pillows will look. I will take photos at the cottage. We are leaving this afternoon as soon as Jos gets home from work for a long weekend up north.

We had planned to go to France this week but had to change our plans as I am in the middle of physical therapy for my back problems and having major problems with a tooth. We just found out at the specialist's that this tooth is fractured down in the jaw. It will have to be pulled and a bridge made. This is going to cost buckets of money plus I am really not looking forward to getting it done. I am going to try and put it all off until I can get some insurance next year. I have an appointment for the end of November to have the tooth pulled but the assistant told me to call if it starts to hurt, which it doesn't right now, and she will put me in right away to have it pulled. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make it until then?

So we are taking a mini vacation up at our cottage which is where we love to be anyway. We plan on visiting a village I read about this week. I will be sure to take lots of photos of the walk to share with all of you...

Have a wonderful week and weekend further and I will see you all again on Sunday!


Terri said...

That pillow cover is wonderful!

I so envy you the country place. I miss the country so much (even though this place is very nice.)

Nancy said...

Well, I love the pink plaid but it looks like that isn't the real cover, or maybe it will be on one.
Guess I will wait and see what it ends up on the three pillows. Very nice so far.
Hope you have a fun time. I will miss talking to you again so talk to you on Sunday.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidie,
Wat een leuk vooruitzicht: lang weekend naar Cranberry Cottage.Ook leuk : een wat zomerse sfeer te maken. Wat creatief die kussen hoezen! Vond trouwens die roze-geblokte ook al mooi. Ben benieuwd naar de foto's !Heel veel plezier dit weekend voor jullie beiden en dat je maar GEEN kiespijn mag krijgen.

angelasweby said...

What a clever and very economic way to change the look of your furnishings. I love the pink plaid.

Sorry to hear about you having to cancel your trip to France but even sorrier to hear about your tooth. I had the same problem AND unfortunately was not able to have a bridge now I have a Crone's gap...haha-did you see it then when I laughed :>)
Hugs Angela

Wild Rose said...

Hello Heidi,

Poor you! Sorry to read about your tooth woes. As someone who has only just got dental insurance after many years of having to pay for treatment, I know how you feel. It is interesting though that when I had no insurance, I needed lots of dental work and now that I have it, I don't need any!!!

Enjoy your time at the cottage. I love your cushion.

Marie x

Jo said...

Hi Heidi,What a great idea for the cushion makeover,they look lovely and sorry to hear about your tooth,I hate going to the dentist.Have a great weekend at the cottage look forward to the photos.

Mary said...

Have a great time on this extended cottage visit - it will be just what you need, rest and relaxation instead of running yourself ragged in France!
Sorry about your back the dental problem - always costly and never fun. Bob just spent almost $2,000 for a root canal and crown - and our insurance has a $1,000 cap so you can see how much the out of pocket expense this cost us!

Love the pillow creation - a great idea and will definitely be more Summery.

Looking forward to your return Heidi and hearing about your village visit and walks. I have Jasmin now that school is out - we're trying to fill the days with interesting things - hopefully some cooler weather will appear and entice us outside more!

Hugs as always - Mary.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh Heidi, I am feeling for you. I have a fractured tooth too and I am holding out until I simply have to do something. I hate to admit it but dentists are just that scary to me. Your pillows are just adorable :)


carolr said...

I think you did a great job springing up the pillow. Good luck with the tooth problem. Don't put it off too long.
by the way, I hope it is okay that I added you to my blog list.

Elizabethd said...

I'm so sorry you missed your visit to France, I was hoping we might have met up. I hope your dental problems soon get sorted out.

Andylynne said...

I love your pillow covers! I'll take the left overs of the pink plaid please :) But the flowerd print is so bright and cheerful. It brings cheer right in to summer as well as the spring. Good choice of colors. I love the animal print pillows though. I bet by the time fall rolls around again you will be missing them.

Ragged Roses said...

I hope you are having a lovely time at Cranberry cottage. Those cushions look lovely, beautiful fabric! So Sorry to hear about the tooth Heidi, you poor thing. Perhaps we should coincide our dental appointments! Take care

Lilysmom said...

Oh Heidi, the tooth sounds painful! I hope it all works out for you! Listen to your body and if it starts to hurt take care of it right away b/c you never know! Have a wonderful mini-vacation! I'm in great need of one!

Susan in SC said...

The cushions are beautiful. I love to "remake" cushions by making a new slipcover. Hope you find relief from your tooth woes! Susan

patchwitch said...


I keep my fingers cross for you for sure!
I hope you enjoy the mini vacation now :D

Wildflower Cabin said...

Hi Heidi! Oh, your pillow cover is just gorgeous!! I love your fabrics and the design you came up with! Such an inspiration....

Espresso Girlie said...

Love the slipcover - that pink plaid is precious. I also like the floral fabric you used. I love changing looks with seasons and it is my main thought as I redecorate. As a person who has suffered greatly with her teeth, I feel for you. I just went through what I hope will be my very last mouth surgery. I am the biggest baby when it comes to any and all dental work and dentists. But, my new dentist understands my fears and treats "babies".