Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A winter tree

After the decorations are put away, our homes seem to slip into the January bare home blues. I decided this year in December that I would do something special this year for January. Now I always put out my antique Dutch wooden ice skates and a couple of snowmen. I will show you those tomorrow. I saw a tutorial on a blog and fell in love with the idea. This idea grew farther for me as I worked on the mittens and thought about it.

Here is the results of those ideas! A winter tree.

I used the same brown lighted branches from my Halloween tree. Do you remember that back in October? They are now dressed with winter theme ornaments.

I created ice skates with a Victorian look based loosely on the idea from a Tilda Christmas book.

I then came up with this idea of scarves. This ornament is a tutorial on needlework blog now. You can go to my other blog, NeedleNecessities, if you would like to try the tutorial. They are incredibly simple to make. Even if you feel you are not a crafty person, give it a try.

This is the ornament that started the idea for me. It is a tutorial from Dawn at The Feathered Nest and they are just so adorable! Thank you so much Dawn for this wonderful ornament tutorial.

I have made a vignette of some winter looking items including a plate I bought years ago in the Alsace, France with a sledding scene. I placed my newly started collections of cream jugs on a piece of Battenburg lace from Brugge, Belgium.

It is fun to celebrate winter in a special way!


Kristen said...

Oh Heidi, I just love this! I can easily see myself making a primitive version of this! How cute! They would be precious hanging on hooks as well! LOVE THIS!!! HMMMM maybe a project for the coming months!

Anonymous said...

It looks all wonderful again and I am glad you're feeling better again.
See you!

Nancy said...

Well that is just so you. How cute it this idea. Getting up at 3am to do the skate laces wasn't your best idea, but since you couldn't breath, maybe it was. Very very nice.

Solstitches said...

Oh Heidi this is all just absolutely gorgeous.
I love everything - the ice skating boot, the mittens, the scarves.
You are incredibly talented - I wish you could come over here and do some interior decorating for me!
Thanks for the wonderful picture show.

Nancy said...

I love your winter tree Heidi! I hope you enjoyed making your mittens as much as I did mine. I love your addition of the scarf and skating boot. And, I LOVE your lit branches.

The Feathered Nest said...

Heidi! What a wonderful idea!! I love it ~ a winter tree to decorate our homes ~ that way we can enjoy the magic of the soft lights in the evenings long after Christmas!! Do you mind if I feature your photo on my blog and I'll link back to you, I'll just get one photo to tempt everyone!! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my blog and I'm so glad you enjoyed the mittens but I just love everything else that you made too! It's so good to meet you, xxoo, Dawn (I'll be back!)

Reginas Cottage said...

Hello Heidi
Your winter tree is absolutley
gorgeous.The skates very fantastic!!
Have you the new christmas book from
I don't see the Elm Creek series,but
the book is fantastic.
Have a nice evening

Jeanne said...

Hi Heidi,
Your Winter Tree and January arrangement are so pretty! What a nice way to celebrate this season.

Carolien said...

Hello Heidi,

My keyboard didn't work (no @, no other signs etc.), so I couldn't leave a comment on several blogs the last couple of days. Frustrating! Now I have a new one, tada!
I hope you are feeling better now, I hope you are not serously ill?! When you are in need of something, cry hard and I will hear you! Joke ... but seriously meant as well, since we do not live far apart. Let me know if necessary!
I love your winter scene. All of it, I can't help it. You've done a wonderful job!

Take care and greetings, Carolien

Anonymous said...

Your winter tree looks fabulous, Heidi! I love the scarf and the mittens ... I'd love to try making them someday. Did you throw those sheets out yet? :) ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Andylynne said...

Hi Hdidi,
Just catching up on all the posts Iv'e missed. I love your winter tree it is wonderful and so creative. A good idea and lots of fun. I also loved your winter scenes and the story of your quilt and the head board. You are so talented and creative. It gives me lots of inspiration on things in the future. I now have great plans for my "winter" themed items. Down came my chicken in a chair painting and up went the winter snowman in a field. I have several items to "group" near a winter tree :)

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi. What a lovely idea making a winter tree. I've often thought it would be fun to have tree for other occasions. Your tree withthe mittens, scarves and skates is precious. A very pretty way to light up a corner on a dark winter day. You're a clever girl! Rhondi

Peg said...

Oh Heidi how wonderful this all looks, God certainly blessed you with a wonderful talent. It looks so warm and welcoming, I saw the mittens on Dawns blog the other day and thought how pretty they looked. I can see we will all be making something similar if we are able. Thank you for sharing your precious gift

hugs Peg xx

Tanya said...

This winter tree is lovely and so beautiful. Your pictures are always so inviting and charming.


Susan in SC said...

Beautiful tree Heidi! Thanks for sharing and for the tutorial! Susan in SC

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tree and Happy Winter to you! Heidi, I think I want to be you when I grow up.

Kathy said...

Oh Heidi your winter tree is so breathtaking! The mittens and scarf are so pretty! I love the idea of the scarf as the tree topper! I always look forward to see what you are doing next! You are such an inspiration to me!

angelasweby said...

Heidi, your winter tree is so inspiring and, as you say, a welcome focal point in the emptiness of the post Christmas clear up. I love your little ice skating boot, it looks so dainty - can i ask you which book is came from and what the Tilda books are?
The mittens and scarves are so pretty. I predict a shortage of white felt in shops throughout the world...haha!

Mia said...

I do like this winter tree of yours! What a great idea to decorate for the winter season. Somehow, as soon as Christmas and New Year is over, I start to long for spring and decorate my home in spring colours. But maybe I really should celebrate the winter season too (as you do so well!) before it gives way to spring. And I do suppose spring will be here soon enough.

As for now we hardly have any snow left from the big snowstorm we had last weekend. It snowed several days on end, but then it thawed and (due to global warming, no doubt) all we have had since then is rain and wind. Quite sad, really, as winter is so much nicer with snow and cold weather.

Mary said...

I may have to copy this - I have the white branch tree from Xmas and was keeping it out to do something for Valentine's Day - maybe I need tiny ice skates and mittens, it has turned chilly again, and I can always knit mini scarves with all my leftover yarn! You've made it look so adorable Heidi.

Guess they still ice skate on the canals in Holland - business people skate to work in Ottawa, too - then they can then eat a hearty lunch after so much exercise!

I collect creamware jugs too - I love their clean and homey look.
Am working on your e-mail for later. No those are not my leather books - but they were for sale, and very expensive!
Hugs - Mary.

Karen said...

What a sweet little winter scene you've created to brighten these dang long cold winter days/nights. I love how those little lights are part of the branches. At least that's how it looks, LOL.

OK I am HOT for those cream jugs you have there. They are so hard to find in my neck of the woods and I'm trying to add to my collection of white pitchers and it's just not happening, LOL. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs to you - Karen

Dena said...

Very pretty Heidi! You are so creative :)


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Heidi! You are amazing! That winter tree is wonderful and I love all of your ornaments!! WOWOW~!!

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi. That pink quilt on the couch is an old one. I bought it long before I took up quilting. Thanks for your wishes for a perfect Friday. I really needed to hear that as we are going through some big time stress here at the moment! I'm glad that I found you my blogging friend. Rhondi xo

Anonymous said...

What a delightful idea Heidi! I love it ~ hope you are feeling better.

Marie x

Nan said...

Oh, my gosh, this is beautiful. What a lovely way you have of making life beautiful, Heidi. I'm so glad there are blogs so you may share your gift, your talent with all of us. I am cheered each time I visit. Glad you felt well enough to post.

Jessica said...


What a beautiful, creative tree! The ornaments all look gorgeous.

patchwitch said...

congrats heidi!
I like this winter tree :D I am sure it is beautiful in your house :D

Teresa said...

I hope you are feeling better.
I love the winter tree. What a great idea! I enjoy seeing little lights on winter nights. The ornaments are beautiful.

Take care

TeresaB said...

Heidi, your tree is so beautiful and I appreciate that you did a tutorial on your other blog. They seem to sparkle with the light, like bits of ice clinging to them.