Saturday, May 17, 2008

Can you spot the difference?

Enlarge the photos to see them well but can you spot the difference between this first photo...

.....and this one?

The first photo is the little white rack I bought today. The second is after I antiqued it a little bit with some of my trusty furniture wax. It is not easy to see on the photos but turned out really nice. I may add a second rubbing tomorrow after the wax is dry.

Friday, Jos came home a bit earlier so we could get a start to Cranberry Cottage. He came in and took one look at me and said I looked too tired still so lets stay home. I agreed with him but by 9pm I was feeling rather depressed that we did not go. We even thought about jumping in the car to get us there by midnight. That would have been silly of us. This morning, we decided to take advantage of having a Saturday here in the city to go out and buy my herb and vegetables that I want to plant up in my terracotta pots. We found all we wanted and then I found the little rack which I thought would look nice in the guest room. I might sew some little fabric hearts for it as soon as I get a chance.

Look what is peeking out from behind a number of our plants in the garden! This azalea was almost dead when we bought the house but we left it in the garden thinking it might strive again one day. That was 12 years ago and I must admit it has been placed in a corner and forgotten about. It has decided to really start to shine in its secret hiding spot.


Nancy said...

Your rack is very cute, and the pretty flowers peeking out are very pretty. I can't wait to hear about your visit to the doggie.
Love you, Mom

Carolien said...

Nice little rack and yes! that sounds good, visiting a puppy!

Have a nice day & hugs, Carolien

Rhondi said...

carolina.rr.comDear Heidi
I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing some pain and hope that a restful weekend will help.
Azaleas are so sturdy. We had one that was way too big and not very healthy looking so I cut it down so all that was left was about a 10" stema nd just little stubs of branches. My intention was to dig up the roots, but I never got around to it. The next spring it has grown a bunch of new leaves and now this year it is this healthy looking plant with lots of blossoms. Amazing!
By the way those kids in the picture with my daughter are my son's kids. She really wants to find a good man and get married but no one on the horizon yet!
Hope you enjoy your Sunday. we just got home from hearing a wonderful message at church.
Hugs, Rhondi

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Heidi. Hope you're feeling better today. Isn't it wonderful when our gardens surprise us with forgotten treasures. It sounds like you had a good weekend at home anyway and got lots of little jobs done. Love the hooks

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi,that little rack is lovely, I like it even more antiqued.Hope your feeling a bit better, take care.

the tattered nest said...

I love azelea's! I am glad yours came back to life...sorry you were feeling so tired on Friday, I hope you had a great weekend anyways...I love the rack!

Mary said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments you have left Heidi - I'm really behind with mine because of having 'to move a mountain' over the weekend!!

Love your curvy iron rack - looks better with your working some magic and I can just see little quilted and embroidered hearts dangling, so pretty.

Hope you are feeling stronger by now - sorry you missed a weekend away at the cottage but probably for the best as you were worn out.

I have that same azalea - it's a sturdy one! Tomorrow we will shop for veggie plants too - tomatoes, peppers, eggplants - the cukes, zucchini and French beans I grow from seed and they were planted today. My herb seeds are starting to peek through too. A perfectly gorgeous day here after heavy rain last night.

Have a great week dear - Mary.

Terri said...

I should get an azelea or two while I'm plant shopping. Yours sure is doing well.

I like your coat rack too.

Please take care of yourself and don't get too run down!

Elizabethd said...

Heidi, you have been very busy of late. It is lovely to entertain, but allow yourself a rest now and then.
I have a similar azalea, but with variegated leaves, they are so pretty arent they.

patchwitch said...

I love the hanger and the Tildas hearts too :D
You have so many ideas, I am sure your house is not boring.... never...