Monday, April 16, 2007

More photos of the cottage's garden

We worked on planting up more of the extended flower bed this past week up at our weekend cottage. The weather was more like summer than spring with temperatures reaching up to 80F. We had a glorious weekend as few people were at their cottages and it was a symphony of birds. We noticed one of the blackbirds pairs was busily gathering moss from our grass for their nest. Soon we will be seeing all the birds bringing their young to the feeders.

We have made progress on the planting but now want to concentrate on the last section and then move the row of conifers on the back edge which are well over a meter from the border of the garden. This too will give us some precious planting space. It is hard to believe that two years ago this garden consisted of a large field of grass totally invaded with moss on all sides of the tiny house. We graveled the drive and have slowly taken up parts of the grass to create planting beds.

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Anonymous said...

Your garden is beautiful, Heidi! It's so nice to see things in bloom and I noticed you have a forsythia and bleeding heart beginning to bloom. I like the little logs that you've used as edging ~ very pretty! ♥