Friday, April 13, 2007

Outdoor reading pleasure and working in the garden

The weekend before Easter, we decided while we were indoors having a cup of morning coffee that we wanted to plant more winter heather. It has such pretty color and last quite a long while in the winter months as it blooms up into April. This meant making space as we want to be able to see the heather well from inside. We are increasing the flower beds bringing them out farther into the grass as seen above. We took them out as far as our crocusses are that are planted in the grass. Now we are talking about changing the back side of the garden that is currently planted up with conifers that are well over a meter inside the actual border of the garden.

With this warm weather everything is really starting to bud and grow! I look forward to each weekend when I can see what is changing in the garden at the weekend cottage. Our grass was so cheerful this spring with all the various daffodils in bloom. I expect they will pretty much be gone now when we arrive. We were not at the cottage over the Easter weekend and I feel I really missed enjoying these pretty flowers that weekend. I don't like missing a single weekend there.

I had bought some magazines and sat in the garden to enjoy them. Both are full of spring splendor and great recipes ~ the British 'Country Living' and German 'Wohnen & Garten' (Home and Garden). Notice the little washtub filled with miniature Tete~A~Tete daffodils? I found this at the garden center when we went to buy the winter heather for a great bargain. And it is here at the house in the city for a cheerful Easter display so another photo to show you the pretty blooms.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi:
You have to stop taking so many beautiful pictures of your garden at the cottage. Your scrapbook I made will have far too many pages if i keep adding them. I will have to start a second book.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful and spring-y! I'm longing to get out into my garden but winter refuses to leave. There's no snow on the ground anymore but it's still very cold, rainy and windy. Usually by this time of year, my garden has been cleaned up, roses uncovered and sprayed and the spring shrubs are budding. I'm afraid we'll go right into summer and we'll miss the delight of having a true spring. Thanks for sharing your spring and garden, Heidi. I love the little washtub filled with the daffodils! And I see the April issue of UK Country Living is available ~ I'd better visit my local newsstand! Have a good weekend at the cottage ... ♥

Nancy said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures Heidi! Your cottage looks like such a relaxing place, and I LOVE your daffodils. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.


Yolanda Elizabet said...

What a lot of dafs you've got, it's wonderful!!!!

The wether is good isn't it? Here it was around 25 to 26 C today. It felt like Summer already.

Loved the picture of all those daffodils in the grass, marvellous!

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