Thursday, May 10, 2007

The common sparrow

Yesterday, I mentioned that the sparrow was on the endangered species list here in Holland. Nan asked if I meant the common sparrow and yes, I do. It is a very sad fact that due to the lifestyles we now lead, the sparrow is endangered here in Holland and also in some areas of England. We are taking away more and more of this and other birds habitat. We no longer want to keep hedges around our garden but use high wooden fencing. We no longer use a tablecloth that is then taken outside to shake off the crumbs. We no longer want trees to block the sun. We no longer want plants in the garden but bricks and low mantainance planting if any. Sparrows are disappearing and once they are gone, we can never get them back.

That is the reason that my husband and I created a garden here in the city with big hedges, two large trees and planting and pergolas that encourage and attract the birds and food year round for them. We don't have many varieties here ~ blackbirds, great tits, the occasional blue tit and sparrows. This time of year, we get so many sparrows. I think they spread the word that it is a safe place where they can come and sit to rest and the food is plenty. It is so sad that man has not left space for the birds. They bring such enjoyment to us and I sit and write this, I gaze out the window onto that pergola to see three chubby and fuzzy little sparrows waiting for their mother to feed them. I would not miss this experience for anything in the world. So let my neighbors think our garden is overgrown and the trees are creating too much shade in the street. I know what they are missing! I pity those who cannot see the beauty of common things.


Nancy said...


What you and your husband are doing for the sparrows is wonderful! I know exactly the appreciation you feel for these little birds. You know that we have many, many trees in our neighborhood, and one of things I am thankful for about that is being able to hear the beautiful songs of all the birds. In the city where we live there is a policy that when you cut down one tree you HAVE TO plant two in its place in another location. I wish all places had this policy.

Enjoy the sparrows,

Nan said...

You are your own Audubon Society! Your true thoughtfulness is doing real good in the world. Is there an AS or something like it in Holland that is working toward saving birds like the sparrow?

And Nancy, what a terrific place you live in. This is the kind of story that never makes the news, but could make the world a better place by cheering up the readers.

Lesley said...

Heidi, we have several pairs of house sparrows nesting in our garden this year. Hopefully sympathetic farming practices will help the number of all endangered birds to increase.