Friday, May 18, 2007

We have been talking about hutches on my homekeeping Yahoo list and I thought it would be fun to show mine. We had to hunt for some time to find one I liked as I was not happy with the idea of only three shelves in a hutch. It makes it much harder to set up your dishes in a cozy way with less shelves. Yes, you do have the height then for larger items but I really wanted the extra space instead. This hutch is German made using old oak to give it an older feel even though it is new.
The hutch has a section with double doors to the left side and a single section with a door to the right side. I used to have all of my Wedgewood dishes displayed in place settings in this section you see pictured above. I decided to take those dishes out and start using them everyday. I found having them set up so nicely in the hutch meant my never taking them out and using them. Now I have the specialty items like the tea sets, two pieces of depression glass that belonged to my grandmother and decorative items I have picked up along the way set up in the hutch. I plan to add more lace among and under the items as it is too stark looking at the moment. At this time, only the schwibbogen in the bottom shelf is my own lace work. I would like to use some of my own bobbin lace and have a tablerunner that I am making at the moment which I will display on a shelf.

It is fun to see what people place in their hutches or china cabinet. I would love to see yours so if you blog, why not share yours too. We may all get some wonderful ideas from each other.


Lesley said...

Oooooh, so this is a 'hutch', Heidi. We keep rabbits and guinea pigs in 'hutches' in the UK, I couldn't for the life of me think why my list sisters would have a hutch as an ornamental object in their houses. LOL! It must be an American term, yes?

Tammy said...

I don't have a hutch. Sigh. I love yours, though. :o)

Nancy said...

Heidi your hutch is beautiful! I love the type of wood it is made out of. I really love your lace fan and also the lace piece on the shelf below that. Which one is the piece that you made? I also love your heart finger vase. I have a hutch too, and I'll have to blog it soon. Can I ask you about the homekeeping group you belong to? Are they accepting new members?

Thanks for sharing pictures of your warm and cozy home!

Hugs to Holland,