Friday, May 04, 2007

Meet my sister

On April 25th, I had written about remembering my sister as it was her birthday. Two online friends who I have known for some time asked me if I would tell them more about her. Thank you both, Terri and Vicky, for asking and it is not painful at all to talk about her. I miss her very much as she was my only sister (I have two brothers) but I think of her with all the fond memories we were able to build in her short 36 years.

This is difficult for a different reason. Where do I start to talk about her? There is so much I could say. I first talked to my mother about writing this and she immediately said I needed to post the photo you see. She and my brother search for it and emailed it to me. My sister was a very beautiful woman. No she did not dress like Raggedy Ann every day. I will explain this photo in a moment. She was very fun loving. She and I could sit and be silly and laugh at the most simple things. She loved to play jokes and try to scare me. She loved to cook. She and I loved to spend time doing all kinds of crafts together except cross stitching which she never understood how I could stand sitting there for hours counting x's but always loved picking out stitching for me to make for her. She loved traditions and antiques. She was the mother of two beautiful daughters and a grandmother to three now. Her spirit lives on in her daughters as I see things that are so much of her in them both.

Her favorite holiday was Halloween. She loved everything about it whethere she decided to be funny or spooky. This photo was taken at the dentist's office where she worked on Halloween. It was a children's dentist and her very favorite thing from childhood was her old and tattered Raggedy Ann. She dressed as Raggedy that year.

I will always miss her but if someone offered me a new sister tomorrow that I could have in my life until I grow very old in exchange for my own, I would say thanks but no thanks. I would not want to have missed the memory of having Fawn as my sister while I did!


Ragged Roses said...

What a beautiful and very moving post - you are fortunate to have such wonderful memories of your sister, thank you for sharing them.
Kim x

diane said...

Your post conveyed to me a deep love and a deep missing of your sister. You were blessed indeed to have her in your life, I WISH I had a sister, especially someone as wonderful as Fawn. Thank you for sharing some memories with us.

Nancy said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister Heidi. It sounds as though she had just as much love for you as you do for her. I'm glad you have special memories to cherish.


Mandie said... made me cry twice! It's hard to remember sometimes, and I wish I'd had more than 16 years with her. I know she is with me everyday and I take comfort in that. Love you!


Vicky said...

Beautiful, Heidi. You painted a very lovely picture with your words. As Diane said, I also wish I had a sister. I have four brothers and love them dearly but have always wondered what it would be like to have a sister. I think I can imagine from you sharing yours with us. Bless her memory.

Anonymous said...

That was a great post! I grew up with her and yet I still love to hear stories about her! I am so thankful that she gave me a sister to love and you always remind me of how important and special that bond is. I love you!

Tammy said...

I have lost a sibling, and know how painful it is. It is wonderful that you have such sweet memories of your sister to comfort you, and to share with her daughters. I know she felt the same about you.

Anonymous said...

Heidi, this is a lovely post full of wonderful memories of your sister. Thanks for sharing her with us. ♥

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Thank you so much for sharing such lovely memories of Fawn. I lost one of my younger sisters a few years ago there was only 14 months between us and I still miss her. Thank you for helping me relive some of our younger days. You are a remarkable lady Heidi to write such beautiful words. Keep safe, Hazel (FTLOS)