Monday, July 30, 2007

A passion for Bronte country

After reading Kim's comment on my blog entry yesterday, I had to write a bit more about this passion of mine with Haworth, England and the Bronte Sisters. We have very good friends living in Dewsbury, Yorkshire who are more like family to us. It all started when my mother was eight years old and started writing to another girl in Yorkshire. Since then, they have been back and forth to visit one another and I was passed on my mother's love for all things Yorkshire! I love James Harriot and The Bronte Sisters. I love the countryside of the Yorkshire Dales! I think the people of Yorkshire are a very colorful, warm and loving folk!

We have been too Haworth, the village where the Bronte's lived with their father until death, many times. The Parsonage is the most magical of places. I can close my eyes and walk through the rooms of the parsonage in my mind after having been to the museum many times. The cemetary is even magical as it seems to call out its history as you walk among the gravestones. Each time I have been there, regardless of the season, it has been misty weather. Jos and I tried to walk to path on the moors once and Jos said we needed to turn back. You could hear sheep bleating around you and knew they were very close but saw nothing but a white blanket of mist. I felt as though Heathcliff would come wildly riding by on horseback with Cathy clinging to him! I told my English mum about that and also told her I felt I was meant to always see Haworth in this magical mist.

I love seeing the items the sisters owned. I love walking up the same stairwell that Patrick Bronte walked each night at 9 to wind the clock on his way to bed only after telling his daughters not to stay up too late. I love seeing the small dress of Charlotte's and imagining her really walking around the house doing her daily housework or conversing with her sisters, Emily and Anne around the table, writing their poems and stories.
Haworth holds many memories of time I spent there with my mother, my English mum and my aunt. It will always remain in my heart a very special place and I dream of renting a cottage in the village to spend an entire season there. I am afraid I would never leave!

If you do ever have the opportunity Kim, do go up to Haworth. I can assure you it is worth the trip and more.....

Photo one is the famous photo painted by Branwell Bronte of his sisters. He had painted himself into the portrait and then painted himself back out again later where you can still see the ghostly image.
Photo two is a view of Haworth Parsonage and part of the cemetary.
Photo three is an original manuscript written by Emily Bronte.


Kristen said...

To hear you tell the story is as fascinating as reading the work of Ms. Bronte herself. I do agree though. Isn't it wonderful that we can be transported through time with books! Our minds are able to take us where our feet can not go. Thank you for sharing with us!

Ragged Roses said...

Thank you so much for this post Heidi - it really means a lot to me. I've been in love with the Brontes since I was a schoolgirl. My English teacher at secndary school lived near Haworth and the first book we studied with her was Wuthering Heights. I can still hear her lovely soft Yorkshire accent reading the book. Recently my daughter read Jane Eyre for the first time and immediately fell in love too! One day hopefully we'll get up there for a holiday and explore it all for ourselves. Thanks for the lovely photos and beautiful, interesting post.
Kim x

Anonymous said...

A lovely post, Heidi! I felt that I was walking along the moors with you and visiting the Bronte's parsonage. Like you, I love reading the Brontes' works and lose myself in these wonderful old tales. ♥