Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Autumn has arrived to my front door

Welcome to my front door and welcome to autumn! We have spent time trying to turn our tiny garden into something like a secret garden to give us the feeling up privacy in a very populated neighborhood. This is the path leading to the built~in shed (yellow door) and front door (teal door). We love seeing the crimson appear in the leaves of our Virginia Creeper as autumn starts. It is also full of pretty blue berries.

As part of a challenge we have going on my Yahoo homekeeping list, I decided to make a wreath for my front door this year. I still need to buy more gourds for my rack which is looking rather empty at the moment.

The wreath is made with branches of leaves, red berries, acorns and a burlap bow. I enjoyed looking at what I had and making this wreath. I luckily found a sale this year on wreaths at our garden center. These kind of wreaths have not been popular in Holland lately and are now trendy here again. I will change it and reuse it for the different seasons. This will become a permanent fixture on our front door I think.

Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.

~~ Samuel Butler ~~

A little note to Julie, Mary and Nancy ~ Yes it does call for 3 cups of bouillon (chicken broth) for this soup Julie. I use two tablets for it but you can use whatever you normally do to make the broth.

Mary, it would be just as tasty with vegetable bouillon so that will be no problem at all to change.

Nancy, dear friend, what time should I expect you?


Nancy said...

This looks so good Heidi:
I can't wait to see the gate
when you get it in. I love the
witches hat. I need to get my
things out soon.
Love Mom

Nancy said...

You did a lovely job on your wreath Heidi! I like the burlap bow. Well, I just love this whole area of your home. The Virginia Creeper is gorgeous! I love the witches hat and the broom, and just everything.

Let's see. . .I'll be there around sixish!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful, Heidi! I love how your blue door contrasts with the autumn colours. Your entry way looks very welcoming. ~ hugs, Lynda ♥

Nunnie's Attic said...

I love the Virginia Creeper. Such a burst of color! Can't wait to see all of the rest.

Thank you for clarifying about the soup. Here I was thinking you meant bouillon as in chicken base that you get in a jar to make soups and broths. Not actually broth. I was going to say...Good thing I asked huh? That would have been some awfully salty soup!


yellowfarmhouse said...

What a great and welcoming entrance to your sweet and cozy home. Love the wreath - great job.

Hugs - Karen

Kristen said...

What a wonderful entry to a home! It is so nice to be able to make the outside of your home inviting. You have definitely done that! It is precious and I just love the wreath!

Andylynne said...

Your entry way is beautiful, I love your teal door.

Anonymous said...

The pathway to your house looks so welcoming and the Autumnal colours are really spectacular. Mother Nature sure is pretty clever with her paintbrush :>)
Hugs, Angela

Mary said...

Heidi I want to knock on your pretty teal door and be invited inside - I'll bring something yummy to have with the cuppa, promise! It's all so lovely at your welcoming entrance, thanks for showing us.
Thanks for your kind comments about my home - it's small but I do love it very much. I can't imagine having to 'decorate' one of the gigantic 'McMansions' which seem to be going up all around us here. Give me less house and more stuff to play with to make it cozy!

I will definitely try that soup recipe when we have a cool night - love cheese!!

Mary said...

Me again - I meant to answer your questions but got sidetracked!

The crewel embroidery happened when I could see better - I gave it up, also cross stitch - once it became too strenuous on the eyes! Yes, have visited your other blog - your handwork is amazing.
We do stay in Torquay (Devon) when in the UK - this is my pretty seaside home town.
Heidi, my garden is far from perfectly landscaped - didn't show you the messy bits! We do our best though - NC is so hot in Summer and has been in a severe drought this year - but are finding it more difficult now we are 'senior citizens'.
We love to use our fireplace and burn over a cord of wood each Winter even though it's usually quite mild here with only a little snowfall now and then. Nothing more inviting than a blazing fire in the hearth on a Winter evening. Our neighbors never light their's - don't want to get it dirty!!! Can you imagine?

Amanda said...

Hello Aunt Heidi! The entryway looks great! I still think you should have put the picture up with Jos' hand in the window! LOL I got a good laugh out of it! Love you!!!!

Mandie & Zoe

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Adorable! Wonderful mix of colors and textures and the wreath is perfect!!