Sunday, September 02, 2007

A free bedroom makeover.....

I can now share some of the makeover I have done on our bedroom. This makeover has been almost free so far. I have been inspired to reclaim the rooms in my house after having made them neutral for selling the house which we did not go through with in the end as we have been unable to find a new home. I needed to make the spaces we painted so plainly our own once again. I started by sewing this quilt from fabrics I had in my quilt stash. I did purchase a large backing fabric but other than that even the batting is what I had on hand. I have now switched positions for the bed giving me space to add some furniture.

I then decided I want to make a number of pretty pillows to use on the bed. So far, I have only made one pillow as the cross stitched heart pillow is one I had bought some time ago. It worked well colorwise so I added it to the bed. On the end of the bed, is a tray holding some of the paperbacks I want to start reading soon. I just love having books in every room which is why this tray is here.

I traded the lamps you now see on my nightstands with the ones I had there. These were much better with the new quilt right down to the rose lampshades.

This corner is very much unworked as of yet. The bench is what was at the end of the bed when it was on the other wall. I have now placed it in a small space where it works really well. I draped a pretty tablecloth over it to hide the mini stereo. I want to move my samplers to go on the wall with the rest but would like to come up with something for this area before doing so. I will show you the samplers in just a moment...

This chest of drawers was brought over from another room where it had literally been parked waiting to be sold online. Since Jos does not want to sell it, I moved it here to see if I would like it any better. I had been wanting to get rid of all my pine furniture and buy some antiques. Jos would rather simply keep what we have. I want a bigger mirror for our upstairs hallway so I also borrowed this one from there and laid it on top of the chest to see how it would look. Since we have rounded ceilings that go up to 4 meters in height, it looks really good having a high unit on this side of the room balancing out the armior on the opposite side.

The hats are also something I have had for many years but have been sitting in a closet since we lived here. I even had the hatstands. I used a number of my grandmother's doilies throughout the room also.

The armior is right at the entrance to the room as you come in. Next to it is a reading corner which now uses my rocking chair. I moved the large leather chair and ottoman back to the living room. This black rocker works really well with the headboard which is made from a vintage gate.
I am still searching for some fineals for the headboard which are proving nearly impossible to find so far. I will have to keep looking.

In my reading corner are the stitched samplers I have made since we bought this house. I just finished stitching a new one this weekend which I am excited to add to this wall. I will also bring the ones from by the bench over here also eventually. I would like to have this entire corner filled with my samplers. There is Alter Echo on the corner wall which cannot be seen in this photo. I am looking for a new lamp for here also. There is a little wooden footstool I bought many years ago in Sweden which is at the foot of the rocker although it is not visible in this picture. I can put my feet up and rock while reading. It is a very pleasant corner.

As you see, we don't have a door in our bedroom. I took it off after we moved in. I felt it was so much prettier to have curtains hanging on the door frame. We are the only two in the house and this works really well for us.

Finally, we even borrowed something from the garden. This sweet little angel is something I bought very many years ago. She is now standing beside our chest of drawers.

It has been fun to challenge myself to try and look at a makeover without buying much of anything. I did buy the jar to make the 'memory jar' but not much else. It has been a question of trying to look at things I already have differently and feel more satisfied with them by accessorizing them in a more appealing way.


Anonymous said...

that is awesome, good job heidi and jos. happy birthday also to jos. just a reminder, if billy
snozzle would keep his snoze off of uk ebay, you might get some finials. haha. have fun at the b&b this week.
love mom

Ragged Roses said...

Heidi your bedroom looks beautiful, very tranquil and relaxing. Isn't it great to be able to create something like this without spending lots of money. It's wonderful to be able to pool things from around the house and regroup them. You should be very proud of what you've done - it looks lovely. I'd love to have a rocking chair in my room!
Ki mx
PS Love the idea of a memory jar in the post below

Anonymous said...

Your bedroom looks beautiful, Heidi! I love taking things from one room and moving them to another ~ sometimes a move is all a piece needs to come to life. The memory jar is a wonderful idea! I must add that to my list of things I'd like to make. I've enjoyed catching up with you ~ I've missed a lot these past couple of weeks. ♥

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Your bedroom is sooo sweet. I also like to try and use what I have in some new way. I love the hats displayed. This is my first visit to your blog and will be back often. cherry

Nan - said...

I love every single picture, Heidi.

Kristen said...

You are so good! Beautiful. I just love it! I love to rearrange things like that! Great ideas!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Heidi,

Tag! I'm tagging you in the naming game :)


Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I love your quilts that you have around your home! The one on that lovely rocking chair looks fab!

Kim from "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Heidi, You've done a wonderful cozy and inviting!

Anonymous said...

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