Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Life is good!

We have been away for a few days. Jos' birthday was on Tuesday and we thought it would be nice to go away for a stay at a B&B. We drove to an area in the southwest of Holland called Zeeland. We had wanted to go to the city of Goes. While we liked the idea of seeing the city, we did not want to stay there so looked for something very close. We found this amazing village ~ Kloetinge!

It is only a 3 minute drive from here to the city center and yet you are in a pretty small village with an old feeling to it. You arrive in the village to be greeted by the many beautiful old houses and farms and a windmill. As you approach the B&B, you first see this picturesque square with the old pond area still in tact. In olden days, this was used for a variety of purposes ranging from a drinking area for horses and cows to water for firehoses.

At house number 15, we were greeted by Hennie with a good cup of coffee in her house. I loved this old house. It is a small home that has a special charm. Much of that charm is enhanced by Hennie's vision for how to decorate the home as well as keeping up her pretty gardens in the back of the house. You are unaware when you see the house on the front what awaits you inside.

Thankfully, many of the old features of this home are preserved like these floor tiles. The windows to the front are still the original glass. It has not been replaced with double panes as in so many of the old home here in Holland. It is so special to look out through the wavy old thick glass from years gone by!

Here is a hint of the gardens which I will share with you later this week.....

The B&B is in an extension at the back of the house. You can see where the old back door is now the entrance to the room. The old back step has been incorperated into what has become a little kitchen with a bathroom off to the side.

Breakfast was eaten at a table in the room with views out into the garden. We sat and enjoyed the amtosphere to the strains of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons'. Hennie serves a very generous breakfast which included fresh strawberries which are still in season in Zeeland. We said a couple of times as we soaked in the moments that life is good!

There are many areas to sit in this large room which used to be the studio of her late husband, the artist Gerard Menken.

Several paintings by Gerard Menken are hanging in the room. I really felt his spirit here.

We so enjoyed our stay and hope to go back again one day. If you want to know more about this wonderful B&B, Hennie has a website at:


Kristen said...

What a wonderful escape! I just love the simple beauty in the atmosphere. It is so nice to learn about the history of a home and the people who live in it. The pictures are gorgeous and I love the distressed look on some of her furniture pieces. What a wonderful find! I can see why you enjoyed it so much!

Nancy said...

I enjoyed your photos so much Heidi! Everything about the B&B is so beautiful and give you a serene feeling. I am thinking that one of the favorite colors of the Dutch is blue? If so they would like the new color in our living room. I absolutely love windmills so thanks for sharing that one! And, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jos!

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Oh Heidi how wonderful to get away! What lovely photos too :)


diane said...

What a wonderful trip you went on! I feel like I explored with you, just a bit! I know that Jamie and I would LOVE this place and how neat to discover you are in the former artist's studio. It looks peaceful.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ah what a wonderful place you've found!! I loved looking at your photos, especially all the ones of the details like the stone tiled floor!! That's just the sort of original feature I love!!

yellowfarmhouse said...

What a wonderful place for you both to get away to. Looks so warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing this little retreat.

Hugs - Karen

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to get away from it all. I love being able to "travel" with you! ♥

Anonymous said...

Heidi, you take the most beautiful photographs. I really feel as if I am walking beside you in this tranquil place. The B&B sounds really lovely and I imagine the gardens are spectacular.
Happy birthday wishes to Jos. It was a lovely way to spend his birthday.

Andylynne said...

Sigh I love the gardens most of all. Thank you for sharing your get away it was beautiful