Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring's garden.....

It is spring isn't it? We finally saw proof as we drove home from Cranberry Cottage. This is one of the heather fields near the cottage and the sheep which are used by the forest service to control the heather growth happened to be walking past the fence along the road. They had quite a few lambs with them. It has been rather cold here in Holland and very few lambs have been able to be out in the fields as a result. It just did not feel like spring without seeing them frolic and play.

This is not the best photo (below) but I needed to show little brother that black sheep do have brown fleece. See! This one has a black head but when the fleece is full grown, it is brown. Once it is shorn, the sheep will once again look black. Humm...what about the little guy standing near? I think he will have a complex, don't you?

Actually, we had a bad winter weekend forecasted here but instead had a beautiful weekend. We did not do the work we planned at the cottage as it was nice out and decided to buy a few more plants and do some work in the garden. We even sat outside in the sunshine for a little while on Saturday afternoon. It was chilly but nothing a fleece and the sunshine did not help. The birds were singing in full chorus too!

I should be working away at some handmade gifts that desperately need to be finished but was in the mood to do some more decorating in the guest room. I went to IKEA this morning knowing it would be very quite right when they opened as I needed to run over and pick up two nightstands for the room. One is put together so now a blogging break before I start on the second. I love being able to put these together myself. The smaller items are easy to do.

I have been going through my mind as to how I want to approach this room. I have this English clock in the room which I just love. So I am thinking of going with a bit of a garden theme. We discussed headboards last night but Jos has had his fill of me using garden gates as headboards. Can't think why since I only have two of them. *grins* I did find some mirrored scones at absolute bargain basement prices at IKEA and bought three. I am thinking of ideas for them so who knows what will come out in the end.

I am going through things I have and came across these once again. I bought them years ago and never used them. They were just so pretty that I could not resist. I am unsure yet what I will do so I am going to go through more things I have to see if something strikes my fancy. Stay tuned.

Just a note to thank those of you who stopped by my blog over the weekend to wish Jos and I a happy annivesary. We had a nice meal out at a favorite restaurant. It is hard to believe that we have been married for 21 years. Time goes much faster than we realize...


Pondside said...

It sounds as though you had a lovely, relaxing weekend, Heidi. Sometimes those 'stolen' times - when you don't expect to find the time to read and relax - can be the best.
Good luck with your re-decoration. I look forward to the photos! I am anxious for the new room to be finished so that I can decorate - it's still a shell, with exposed wood and wire, but soon.......

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

Glad you had a more relaxing weekend! Nice clock, nice pictures and frames!!!
Have a nice day & hugs, Carolien

Nancy said...

Well, I hate that you and Jos are working so hard, but I will be in my bedroom next Tuesday. I was not able to sleep last night, and got up at 1:15 to change my seat on the flight to Holland. LOL.
Love the Sheepies, I featured them on my blog today, but in a very different form.
Love you, Mom

Mia said...

How nice to see some dutch sheep! They do look sweet. Ours are brown and black, but most of the black ones turn grey in time, rather than brown (even though that happens too, some black ones turn a lovely coppery brown colour). I did find it somewhat comforting to see and read that not many lambs are out in on the fields yet (I can tell that the grass is not that green in Holland either). We usually wait until the beginning of May before letting ours out to the fields, as there just is not enough green grass to graze on.

Your new decorating project sounds interesting, and I am looking forward to seeing photos of the finished result.

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi
First let me say a belated happy anniversary. Your decorating project sounds interesting. The clock and the pictures look like very good pieces to build a room around. I am looking forward to see what you decide to do!
I love the pansies on your banner. They are so cheerful. Here in NC we can grow pansies all winter so I always have a pot or two at my back door.
Glad that spring is finally arriving for you!
Hugs Rhondi

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Heidi. so pleased to hear you had a good evening together, Happy Anniversary. Do you know I hadn't even thought about lambs as we haven't been out for a walk for such a long time, it would be good to see them in the fields again. Glad that you had such a lovely weekend and gardening too. Good luck with the bedroom , I'm sure it will be lovely

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi!

How nice to see the lambs! I used to love seeing them every spring at work. They are so adorable!

I'm starting my guest room this week too. I decided to pull everything out, paint it, then start fresh. I'm keeping the furniture of course but it needs a lot of fluffing.

Love your clock and the lily of the vally prints! They'll looks so pretty on your walls. I hope you'll share photos when you're finished!

You know, I almost didn't use that photo of the dove because I was afraid people would think something was wrong with it! It was perfectly well ... just dosing. It's mate was nearby and I guess that's why it felt secure enough to take a nap.


ps ~ I love your new header ~ it's perfect for spring!

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh I love your new blog header - it's so pretty and colorful. How did I miss it was your anniversary. Happy 21 one years to you both.

Love that clock - how sweet is that and those pictures are pretty as well. I'm sure you'll come up on how to use them. isn't it fun when you can put things together yourself. it's always a great feeling.

Hugs - Karen

Mary said...

Wow! those are gorgeous pansies, another of my favorites and they do so well here in NC even through the Winter.

Catching up Heidi - so many people to visit when one has been away even just a week. Belated anniversary congrats. dear. Your Mom posted your wedding pic - you looked stunning and still are!!

Can you believe I was in IKEA also on Sun. - stopped at the one in Potomac Mills, VA on the way home - we don't have one any closer. I like it for storage canisters, kitchen items and odds and ends in the food section - we bought crispbread and muesli - but don't have any furniture as it's a bit too modern for my decorating, but I know they have neat things such as your tables.

Saw many lambs in the PA Dutch country but unfortunately the weather was wet and foggy that day. We drove 1,100 miles and did a lot but I'm so glad to be home now as I've much to do in the house and garden - it rained a lot (needed desperately so no complaints) here while we were gone so everything has grown a foot!!

Know you're excited about Mom's visit - make sure to keep us up to date, will love to hear what you two are up to - I know it will be so much fun having her there for an extended visit.
Thanks for all your recent comments which are really enjoyed and appreciated.
In friendhip, Mary.

Nan - said...

I love the sheepys! And what flat countryside with a long, long view. Living in the mountains, this is very different for me. Heidi, have you ever spun wool? It seems right up your alley.