Thursday, April 10, 2008

A thing of beauty.....

Cloche ~ definition according to Webster's dictionary...

Pronunciation: \ˈklōsh\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, literally, bell, from Medieval Latin clocca
Date: 1882
1 : a transparent plant cover used outdoors especially for protection against cold
2 : a woman's close-fitting hat usually with deep rounded crown and narrow brim

Cloche ~ definition according to my dictionary...

A thing of beauty!

I am continually switching around my cloches and what I have under them. It is becoming a bit of an addiction to think of new vignettes to use for them. Yesterday, I placed on a pewter plate, given to us as a wedding gift 21 years ago by a cousin, a little piece of my bobbin lace, a silver grapefruit spoon which was my grandmother's, my silver baby spoon, an old photograph of my grandmother and a friend and a little baby's breath. Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to express beauty.

This month my grandmother was born in 1902. She was a really special lady to me and I wanted to do something in remembrance of her. For this month, this will be my vignette on one of our end tables.

Note: Thank you all for the sweet responses to my guest room. Jos does not want us to use a garden gate of fence as we have done this now with two other beds. In Holland, buying any old item like shutters, doors or windows would cost us a fortune. We are still in the thinking stages and I have loved reading all of your ideas. I prefer to go with a picket fence but will have to come up with something else. As soon as I do decide, I will share photos. Nancy had it right to say it is Dagi's room actually! He is there sleeping even as I write this.

The photo of the pansies is taken in my garden back in 2004. I love violets and pansies.


Betty said...

First, the header picture of the pansies is breath taking.....

Cloches are one of my favorite accessories....I have them in several rooms....they emphasize something special underneath.....

Thank you for visiting with me dear friend....Betty

Nancy said...

That is super nice in honor of your Gramma. I agree, she was the best. I wish I could have had her for many more years. She used that grapefruit spoon all the time.
I love the ribbon you used. Of course, your lace is beautiful.
This month being her birthday and Fawn's, we can think of them when we are together and have a cup of tea in their honor. Very pretty.
Love you, Mom

angelasweby said...

The little cameo under your cloche is such a lovely tribute to your grandmother and such an interesting way to bring a favourite person or scene to mind.
We are off up to my SIL's tomorrow to spend a few days with her and MIL. I mention this because MIL celebrates her 99th birthday on Monday and we plan to have a small celebration on Sunday. She was born in 1909 and still lives on her own in her little bungalow.
Warm hugs, Angela

Lynda said...

Hi Heidi! Your vignette under your cloche is beautiful! I love changing mine around but I find I need a larger one. Isn't that always the way? Now, I'm not ready to pay the price for the larger one! I'll have to keep my eyes open for a thrifted one ... or a good sale. :)

Please feel free to join me in enjoying the breeze! The doors aren't mine but belong to probably my favourite historic home in Toronto.


Mel said...

I had never seen a cloche until I started looking at cottage blogs. I love them! I think I'll have to go on eBay and look for one or two. I hope they're not expensive.

I love violets and pansies, too - two of my spring favorites. I can't wait until the weather here (northern Illinois) is warm enough to plant pots of them on my front porch.


Peaceful Valley said...

I always love looking at your cloche landscapes! I might need to find one for myself! I know your Gramma is smiling down on you with pride! Susan in SC

the homely year said...

Hello Heidi, that's an amazing photo of the pansies. I've got loads of pots of pansies at the moment, but none as spectacular as yours. Lovely idea with the cloche!
Margaret and Noreen

Mary said...

Love your remembrance of your Grandmother. I was so close to mine also - many happy childhood memories at her side. She minded me while my Mum worked before I started school.

Hope to hear from you soon - know you're busy with Mom arriving - be sure to keep in touch while she's visiting, I'd miss you both so much!
Hugs - Mary.

P.S. This week's weather has been so fabulous here - I'm posting on my garden chores soon and you can see what's blooming.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Heidi
I love your guest room is looks so pretty, you've done a wonderful job.
I also adore cloches, in all their definitions! I think I would be changing the vignettes regularly just like you. Love the one that is currently there, it's beautiful.
Yes I have heard of that author you mentioned in your comment

Kristen said...

Hi Aunt Heidi,
I love the pictures! Your new blog header is wonderful! I can't wait for some flowers here! You have a very elegant style! Wonderful!

Pondside said...

I've never seen anything quite like that, Heidi. What a lovely idea!

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi
Your cloche vignette is precious ans so special because of the lace! I am goimg to keep my eyes open for one. It looks like a great accessory to play around with, lots of possibilities of things to do with it. Hope you have a great weekend.
Rhondi xo

Nancy said...

Hi Heidi:
I just tagged you on my blog. Blame Kristy, she tagged me on hers.
Love you, Mom

Betty said...

Wishing you and Nancy a blessed visit. Cherish each moment and make as many memories as you an cram long since you've been together?

Thanks for visiting.....Betty

yellowfarmhouse said...

Love your new header - pansies are such a pretty and friendly flower. What a nice rememberance of your grandma and I love what you did with your cloche. I'm starting to really like those and what you can do with them is endless.

Happy Spring - karen

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi your cloche and your guest room very pretty! I bet Nancy will be right at home there.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How sweet to have a vignette in honor of your Grandmother. You are just so sweet, Heidi! I love that you have the display very sweet and simple, too.


Brigitte said...

What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. My grandma also had such a cloche standing in her living room, but I have no idea where it is now.

Your mother will love the look of your guest room! I wish you a wonderful visit.


diane said...

The pansies are gorgeous and have me longing for the colors of spring. It really is taking its time getting here. I love your cloche and tribute to your grandmother. I wish I were closer to mine in their lifetimes, but I still have fond memories.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Don't you just love cloches! Your sweet vignette looks lovely.

Elizabethd said...

What beautiful ideas you have Heidi. The pansies are breathtaking.

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Heidi, well I am actually getting caught up with my blog reading and I just love your Bell Jar vignettes, the picture of sheep (I love sheep and also hedgehogs) Your guest room is so soothing and nicely decorated.


Patty Rape said...

Hi Heidi!
Wow - I just love to look at your blog! All of your work is just amazing - the needle work, lace, quilts - makes me wish I could do it! It's just so beautiful! I love it! The vignette in remembrance of Grandma is special -she was such a blessing! Your guest room is so pretty! Enjoy your time with your Mom - I know you will! Email me sometime!

Terri said...

Love the cloches. I need to get me one or two.
When is mom getting in? You must be so excited! I envy you your close relationship with your mom. You are very blessed you know!