Monday, March 30, 2009

The colors of early spring...

We took a drive up to Cranberry Cottage on Sunday to see how things are doing up there. It was the first time we went up since the hospital stay and my treatment. We want to try and go up this coming weekend and stay as it is our 22nd anniversary. We have a favorite restaurant in the area and my husband would really like to go there. I want to give it a try even though there have been no improvements so far with my breathing and eating.

We were glad we got to see a last few of our crocuses in bloom. Isn't it just beautiful? I love this deep purple in the green grass!

Another bloom in our garden at the cottage is lungwort. It grows there wildly. There is a spot in our gravel drive that it keeps coming up. I transplant it to the back in the garden and suddenly there is more coming up in its place in the drive. I have promised a friend to bring some back with me for her garden. It is such a cheerful little bell shaped flower and the bumblebees are enjoying an early spring drink of nectar as you can see if you enlarge the photo.

"And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."

~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

Our forecast this week is for warm and sunny days so our daffodils will be out to shine for us when we arrive for the weekend. They were already starting to burst open and greet the sunshine. Do you have a favorite spring blossom in your garden?


Wild Rose said...

Isn't it wonderful to see those spring flowers! Your daffodils are going to be a spectacular sight.

I loved the quotation from Shelley. Congratulations on your 22nd anniversary Heidi and Happy Anniversary.

Marie x

Maggie said...

Sorry your still not feeling any better i hope a change of scenery at your cottage works wonders. Cangratulations for your anniversary i hope that you can enjoy the meal at your favorite place.

Alas the only sign of spring in my garden are the primulas i planted in tubs a while ago, every year i plan on planting daffs and then forget!

I did notice you included my fininsh to you slide show, thank you :-) Weren't all the finishes lovely?

Rhonda in OK said...

I've only pansies blooming so far. But the iris and stargazer lily should bloom soon.

Cranberry Cottage is so special, how do you ever leave it?

And I am also sorry your breathing and eating have not yet improved.

Nancy said...

The flowers are beautiful. I think I like the March flower,
Daffy the best. The yellow ones are so bright and cheerful.
It's good that you might get to go to the cottage again for your anniversary. I cannot believe you have been in Holland that long. Wow.
Love you, Mom

Sonja said...

I love seeing those bumblebees on the lungwort. I didn't see them yet in my lungwort. How nice that you are going to your cottage again. I do hope you can enjoy it and feel at home again. It is such a nice place to be, so close to nature and so peaceful. liefs Sonja

Linda said...


I love those purple flowers. Purple is my favorite color!

I'm so sorry to hear you haven't had an improvement in your breathing!

Linda in VA

Tam said...

Happy Anniversary Heidi!
The flowers are beautiful, the purple being my favorite.
Sorry you are not feeling better yet.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend at the cottage.

Elizabethd said...

How beautiful. Spring is there!
I prefer to call my lungwort by its other name, pulmonaria, somehow it is more attractive!!

le ciel flamand said...

Wat een mooi plantje, die paarse klokjes! Mijn favoriete lentebloem is een ordinaire paaslelie: het eerste lentegeel...
Groetjes, Annelies

Andylynne said...

M Daffies are blooming too. I love this time of year. I hope your visit to Cranberry Cottage lifts your spirits and makes your recovery time that much faster.

Melanie said...

Happy soon-to-be anniversary! The purple crocus is gorgeous.