Saturday, March 14, 2009

When you're a cat... can be tough at times! Right now I am a very upset little kitty and decided to come on my mommy blog and tell you all about it. My mommy was released from the hospital on Thursday. Boy was she glad to come home. I got to talk to her on the phone on Wednesday evening but she was going a little stir crazy. I meowed really happily for her when she called my name but it did not help. The doctor says her body was doing a great job of disposing of the excess radioactive material so after he measured her, he told her she could call her husband (my daddy) to come pick her up. The poor lady in the room next to my mommy was still in there and going on her 5th day as her body was not letting any of the excess go. Mommy even had a shortened isolation period at home as it was going so well. Now there in lies the problem!

I normally catnap on this bed which is my grandmother's room when she visits. Oh the joy of laying in the sun for my 20 winks of beauty sleep! Yes that is even important for us male kitties. But that door is shut to the room and I am no longer allowed in. The first day of my mommy being home, I just gave her my hurt puppy dog eyes to try and get her to pet and cuddle me. When that did not help, I figured I needed some stronger tactics on the second day......just plain mad! So I stayed up until 3am screaming and crying at her bedroom door. 'Let me in, let me in!' Normally this works a treat and I always get my way. I am the boss in this house after all. I finally had to give up and go cuddle up against my daddy in their bedroom. I just don't get it. Why does she have to sleep all alone. I could be taking very good care of her. She must be so lonely all by herself in that room. I always snuggle up and keep her warm.

I keep trying to sneak up on her while she is sitting in the living room and sit on her lap. She keeps making me get off. Today she let me sit on her lap for a little while. She leaned back all funny to keep me far away from her neck but it was heaven. Then she made me get up AGAIN. I was not happy, I can tell you. She says she feels fine but just tired. Her neck is starting to become swollen today but we hope this is just temporary. Swallowing is more difficult so lots of soft foods are still in her diet. It will be 4 months at the earliest that we find out if the treatment will have any effect and a year before we know if it is successful. All I know is that I want her to start cuddling me again now!


Kristen said...

That is sweet! Dagi cares very much for his sweet Mommy! :) I am not sure where my last comment went but hopefully this one works out and stays put! :) I am glad that you are doing well and home! I know how awful it is to be in the hospital and it is so much easier to recover when you are comfortable in your own bed in your own space! I have been praying for you and love and miss you very much! :)

Nancy said...

Hi Dagi:
You just have to be a good little kitty and let your Mommy rest in my bed. She will be holding you again very soon. Now stop screaming at night too. You can do it, I am sure.
Take good care of her now.
Love Gramma/Mom

Mary said...

Oh Heidi - that Dagi is one smart little boy! Such a great post and he told us everything about what you are now going through at home. Didn't know it would be such a long time until you know if the treatment worked - rather frustrating - but stay positive (but not radioactive!) in thought and know we are all praying you are going to be 100% well very soon.

Wish I could pop over and help out - but know Jos is making sure you are truly well cared for 24/7. Hope you can cuddle up with Dagi soon - and that he lets you get a good night's sleep!!

Love and hugs from us all here.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Ahh poor kitty - but things will be back to normal soon and you can snuggle all you want. Thanks for being such a good caretaker (except for that screaming part). Everyone should have a kitty that cares so much.

faerieeva said...

Hey Dagi,

I know, life can be so hard when you are a kitty. I would take you up here and let you have nice little naps in our sunroom, but... you have to take good care of your mommy. Even when you are sad that you can not be close to her, she will be comforted by the fact that you are near. Just make sure you let her have plenty of sleep, right? Even when you are upset.

Tell your mommy that I think of her and pray for her.

Rhonda in OK said...

Dagi, you sure did a good job describing your momma's situation. And I do feel sorry for you, but I am sure life will get back to normal for all of you soon.

Theo, the dog that rules our house, feels a little like Dagi. Theo does not know what to think of baby Gavin who is spending time here while his momma teaches at the college. He cannot understand why he can't lick Gavin's face or play with his toys.

Heidi, is your radiation treatment different than American treatments? I have never known anyone here to have anything like it. And I am so sorry for the other woman who was having to stay so long. I'm glad you got rid of yours quickly.
And I really do hope you are good as new very soon.

Tam said...

Dagi, you are such a sweet loyal friend to your Mommy.
I know how upset my kitties get when "things" are not going as normal and I'm sure you are feeling just as upset.
I will send you some special wishes too like I do for Mommy so that you can cuddle with Mommy again soon :D

Carolien said...

Dear Dagi,

You and mommy are having hard times right now! I hope things get back to normal soon. PLEASE try not to miauw at night, you all need a good rest at night! Ok??? Please??? You're a great girl.

Have a nice weekend & hugs,

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Dear Dagi, I'm sure your Mommy feels even worse, about these conditions, than you do. Honest!

I know, no one can feel worse than a kitty can feel "worse." But believe me, I'm very sure your Mommy would love, love, love to cuddle you and have you sleep right next to her.

You will. You will.

Meanwhile please try to be understanding. :-) Hmmmmmm, kitty cats don't *do* understanding, very well, do they? ,-)

Aunt Amelia

SimplyStitchingintheGarden said...

Hi Dagi, so glad that you were able to finally sit with your mommy for a short time.

Please tell you mommy that she has been in my thoughts and prayers and that I am so glad she is back home and with crossed fingers and toes for positive results from all that she has had to endure!!

HUGS to all Roberta

Linda said...

Hi Dagi, I'm so happy your mommy is home and doing well. I know you miss your snuggle time but it won't be long before things will be back to normal, I know she misses you very much too. Please tell her hello for me and that I'm sending her lots of well wishes. Hugs Linda

Barb said...

Dagi,you sound just like my two kitties.Take good care of your mommy and hope she feels better soon.Blessings....Barb

Anonymous said...

Prachtig verhaal! Jullie komen er wel, gewoon een beetje geduld.
Liefs en groetjes, Elly

Sonja said...

Oh Dagi, wat is het leven van een verwende kat als jij toch moeilijk! Maar nu moet je toch echt even flink zijn en gewoon wachten tot het vrouwtje het weer goed vindt dat je bij haar kan slapen. Ik weet zeker dat ze je nog steeds heel lief vind! (En niet zo mauwen 's nachts, want dan gaat het alleen maar langer duren).

Judy said...

Oh poor Dagi!! I'm so sorry your Mommy can't hold and cuddle you but she misses you as much as you miss her. She'll be ok soon so be a good kitty and be patient. But she probably needs lot of rest so the hollering outside her bedroom should stop. Be a good kitty.

Susan in SC said...

I am sure your mommy has her reasons to keep the door shut! I know, sometimes my mommy keeps her door shut too. We just have to be patient with these big people that we let live with us. I hope your mommy gets to feeling better soon. I know you miss sleeping with her and being petted by her.

Nicholas (who owns Susan in SC)

Ann said...

Dear Dagi,

My mommy has been sick too, and I can't sit in her lap right now. We both know (you and I) that she would get better if I could sit in her lap and let her pet me, but she just won't.

But your mommy is going to get better soon, and so is mine. But you have to stop crying all night--if mommy doesn't get enough rest she won't get well, that's what my daddy tells me. I'm sure it's the same for your mommy.

Be good, Dagi.

Francis (who owns Ann)

Ragged Roses said...

Dear Dagi
Could you tell your mummy that she is a very brave woman and I am so happy to hear that she is home again. As hard as it is for you to do without your catnap in the sunshine, think how hard it must be for your mummy without her daily cuddles from you .... You must let her get her rest and then she'll be able to cuddle you even sooner! Would you ask her to let me know when she's feeling well enough to eat some chocolate bourbons - I have a few here waiting for her. Hugs and kisses

Mia said...

Oooh, I feel so sorry for both you and the kitty! O am glad to lear that you are back home from the hospital, but it surely must be tough to be isolated like that in you own home, and the poor kitty behind the closed door wanting to come in for cuddles and comfort. I do hope everything will be back to normal in your home soon, dear Heidi!

Tracy said...

Hello, sweet Dagi! Thank you for sharing about what's happening with you mommy--what a clever boy you are. But know that all will be well with your mommy soon. You are good to comfort her so. Please let your mommy know I am thinking of her lots and praying for her recovery. Keep us posted when you can between cat-naps! ;o) LOVE & ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...