Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter bunny is remodeling

Do you remember back in November when I showed you the start of our kitchen remodeling project? You can read about it here and here. A few have asked me since then if they missed the finish. No...we are still very busy working on it.

When we finally decided on a worktop, we had to order and wait over 6 weeks for it to come in. Our tiles were the easy part to order as I knew I wanted "Hollandse witjes" which are reproductions of the old handmade Dutch tiles from the 16th century. We are using three shades ~ white, cream and beige. Now the beige is a darker cream to me but this will give the look you find in old Dutch kitchen.

Our handyman called to say he had time again between jobs and could come this week. This meant we needed to use this long holiday weekend to hack the old tiles off the walls. You can see the old tiles in the first photo. They are tiled over another layer of tiles so Jos had to get through both layers back to the bare walls.

What a mess it made but after getting through inch by inch in the corners, he was able to get them off easily. They started coming off in big plates of three tiles and double layers at a time. We thought it would take him all weekend but instead he started at 2pm on Saturday and was all finished by 6pm including me cleaning the kitchen to be able to cook again.

Of course, now our garden is a mess. We carried bucket after bucket outside. But I am so excited to see the rest of the kitchen come together now. I am saying a prayer that my new oven and stove top arrive by Thursday. Last week, my hot air oven died for the third time and we have decided it is not worth the money to repair it again. I think it was meant to work out this way as we can have the stove top placed in the new worktop now.

Coffee breaks did have a little Easter flavor to them. These bonbons are so adorable. I must admit that I did not like them though and Jos gets to eat the whole box. I don't think he minds that at all. *grins*

Easter morning was a quiet and relaxed time for us. We has our breakfast and spent time on our laptops. I was able to make some blog rounds to wish people a happy Easter.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter!


M. Regina said...

Hello Heide, Beautiful your blog, congratulations. Happy Easter, Hugs from Brasil

Regina said...

Dear Heidi
I wish you and josh a Happy Easter!!
Hugs and love,

Caroline said...

What a lovely Easter morning you had. I am sure that the remodelling will be over before you know it, you will be so happy once it is done.
By the way, love the song you have playing on your playlist.

Have a lovely Easter weekend.

Tam said...

I totally enjoyed listening to Judy Garland sing Easter Parade while reading your blog this fine Easter morning. The movie will be on TV this evening and I plan on watching of course.
Thank you for sharing your Easter morning and I can't wait to see your new kitchen, how exciting!
Hugs2u and Happy Easter

Nancy said...

I think I am there with you having breakfast. You always make the holiday breakfast so special. It looks yummy, and I love Lemon curd.
The work is coming along so well, I can't wait to see it.
The little bon bons look good too.
Sorry you didn't like them.
Have a Great Easter.
Love you, Mom

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

I am very eager to see the results with the tiles, exciting!
I hope you will have a very nice and restful second Easter Day!

Hugs, Carolien

Gillian L. said...

Happy Easter Heidi. I love the back drop tiles and your wonderful music!


Judy said...

Happy Easter Heidi. Isn't remodeling a mess. But just think how beautiful you kitchen will be soon.

LissyLou said...

Those bonbons are great!! Lovely music!! i watched that yesterday :)

the homely year said...

Hello Heidi, Your kitchen will look lovely I'm sure. A happy Easter to you and your family.
Margaret and Noreen

Millie said...

Happy Easter to you and your family. Good luck with the remodeling. Your blog is just lovely and I like to come back and visit it again.

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi
I like the new photo on your blog. I presume you made the quilt. I was just reading your mom's blog and see that you had an anniversary. A belated happy anniversary to you!
Hope you get your kitchen done soon. Renovations are always so stressful.
Hugs, Rhondi

Brigitta said...

I hope you had a lovely weekend Heidi and that you're kitchen will be all pretty very soon :-)

Take care for now.
Hugs Brigitta ((x))

Elizabethd said...

What a lovely banner you have now Heidi, full of colour.
I thought your tiles were just so attractive, you could look at them all day and never tire of them.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Good luck on the rest of the remodel, not fun but the end results will be want you want. Your Easter table looked so pretty.

hugs - Karen

le ciel flamand said...

Je keuken zal er straks geweldig uitzien! Ik ben ook op zoek naar van die Hollandse witjes, maar hier zijn ze helaas moeilijk te vinden :o(
Jullie hadden zo te zien gezellige rustige paasdagen...

Tone said...

Nice to see your kitchen is moving on!!
We have had ten days at our cottage in the mountains - lovely weather, snow, skiing, fireplace, redwine.... - needed this!

How is your health??


Sonja said...

Two busy bunnies! Ben heel benieuwd hoe jullie keuken zal gaan worden. Nog wel tijd voor handwerken gehad? Hoe gaat het verder met je? Heb je te lang niet gesproken! Liefs.

Susan in SC said...

I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. I know you will be glad when it's finished. We are just starting to remodel our house and I am already ready for it to be finished! LOL!

Mary said...

Can now see the reason for your busy days - hope it all turns out well, it's already looking so good!

Hope you are feeling better dear Heidi. I'm feeling 'run over by a truck' these days but trying hard to get it together so I can enjoy my upcoming trip home!

Hugs - Mary.