Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Easter eggs appearing in our home...

Is the Easter bunny on his way? Our home has suddenly starting showing signs of him.

There are fabric Easter eggs in our entrance hall. I just finished making these yesterday. They were great fun and easy to do.

Then a find in a little shop in Havelte up north called Thuis(Home). I loved these little egg ornaments and decided I needed to do an Easter tree this year. I used to do an Easter tree each year and then stopped and gave away all my ornaments.

But these sweet little eggs tempted me. They are metal and I just love the cutouts on them as well as the aged effect. I will be looking forward to my next visit to this shop!


Tam said...

The fabric eggs are adorable Heidi, just love them! I clicked on the shop link you included in your post...all I can say is "OH MY!" and "LUCKY YOU". It looks like a lovely shop. Once again your decorating is wonderful!

Nancy said...

Really cute eggs. When you walked into that shop, I just bet they were calling (in Dutch of course),
Heidi come buyyyyyyyyy me. LOL.
Am I right? I didn't put anything out this year, and I bought three wire baskets in an antique shop in Bolivar. I know they are not antiques, but never the less, very cute. I still might color some eggs. IF you didn't have to live so far away, you would have a basket.
Love you, Mom

Regina said...

Dear Heidi
Your fabric easter eggs are so wonderful.I like also the metall eggs
You have really a nice easter deco
in your cosy home.
I wish you and your husband
"Happy Easter"

DonnaTN said...

Your fabric eggs are adorable, but oh my, the metal cutout eggs are beautiful. The light in your photo makes them look a delicate silvery blue, so lovely on your Easter tree.

Carolien said...

Hi Heidi,

THE Easter bunny will be very much surprised to find such beautiful eggs already in the house! :) I bet he will place some orders for next year, so beware!

Bye & hugs, Carolien

Wild Rose said...

These are so sweet Heidi.

When you have a moment, I could use some advice on a needlework problem ~ do take a look at the photo on my blog!

Marie x

Happy @ Home said...

Your fabric eggs are so pretty, Heidi. I also like the metal eggs. They are so unusual and look so nice on your Easter tree.

Tracy said...

Your decorations for Easter are lovely, Heidi...Love your Easter-decorated tree. I have no Easter decorations, would you believe? :o7 Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Linda said...

I love your fabric eggs Heidi! You are so multi-talented. I wish I could do these things, but I just have no sewing talents! Love the white metal eggs also - they are the first thing I would have been drawn to in that shop! You and I have alot of the same tastes in things. So we would probably be fighting over everything if we went shopping together - LOL!

Linda in VA

Andylynne said...

Hi Heidi
I can't tell you how many times I have given soemthing. Only to aquire it in another form down the road. I guess we like what we like, but like clothes and acessories. some stay and some go and are replaced. I bought a sweet bunny in the cutest clothes. I'm only putting out a few things, construction hampers my style LOL.

Linda said...

Hi Heidi, I love your Easter tree and the ornaments too. Hugs, Linda

le ciel flamand said...

Die paaseieren zijn bijzonder mooi, ook die metalen, die zou ik ook kunnen gebruiken ;o)
Ik wens je een mooi Paaswekend!

Sonja said...

I just love the way you always decorate your house! Het is zo mooi om te zien wat je er elk seizoen weer voor moois van hebt gemaakt!

Mary said...

Love all the eggs Heidi - the metal ones make a stunning tree decoration. Your personal handmade fabric ones are beautiful.

I'm editing too - have disposed of the knick knacks, just keeps a few large items.

Have a blessed Easter dear - hope all is well with you.