Monday, April 27, 2009

Of wood and dandelions...

We had a very busy weekend up at Cranberry Cottage. Jos has long been wanting a woodshed to store our firewood. This weekend, the carpenter came and built the woodshed. It is just amazing. I joked right away that it looks so nice, I want to live in it. *grins* We have to now lay a bit of sand and either tile or gravel the bottom so we can place some pellets on it to stack our firewood on. I am just tickled pink with how nice it looks. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would look this nice when we discussed our ideas with the carpenter. Take a look for yourself...

Last week, I was talking to my friend Joni via Skype. We were talking about gardening. Now Joni believes that dandelions are a flower. I guess Mother Nature agrees with you Joni because we stopped the car so I could jump out and take these photos for you. It is a pretty field with yellow flower...yep, they are dandelions and I have to admit they are a sight of beauty like this!

I wish you an inspiring Monday!


Tam said...

Very nice wood shed Heidi! In my opinion a flower is a flower, lovely pictures, thanks for sharing :D
Happy Day and Hugs2u,

Joni said...

The woodshed is so cute and can I come and live in it, too? And, yep, that is my kind of garden. I've got a few yellow flowers in my lawn, too, but that darn Angelo (the guy who cuts my grass) complains about them and will just mow over them. The meanie! Oh, there is actually something blooming in one of my flower beds. A red Appeldorn (sp?) tulip. Last Wednesday it had 13 buds on it. On Friday, 2 popped open. This morning all are open and starting to droop already because of the hot weekend we had.

Nancy said...

That shed really did come out nicely. I don,t think you should give up your comfortable cottage to live in it yet. LOL. Let the animals and birds enjoy it. The yellow (flowers) are very pretty Joni. Maybe you are right. Hope your day is going well Miss Heidi.
Love you, Mom

Sonja said...

I don't know what went wrong, but my previous comment didn't make it on the net. I has disappeared in the time we were at Jannie's. ??
But I wrote something like: I thought you were having a new chimney, but I also like the ne house fot Heidi...or for the firewood!!!I
I had a gezellige afternoon with the three of us.

Maggie said...

I'm so glad your friend beleives dandelions are flowers, now i don't feel so bad about the ones living in my lawn,lol. That field sure looks beautiful though.
Love the wood shed, we found coal a better option to burn but our coal bunker dosen't look half as atractive as your wood shed!

Well i never and i tell no lie, the word verification is Shead !!!
Can you beleive that lol

Have a good week

Piecefulafternoon said...

lovely firewood shed - and the dandelions are wonderful - we have fields of them like that too. They are good for Llamas - maybe cattle too - lots of vitamins in them.

BittersweetPunkin said...

I love your woodshed!

I think Dandelions are a flower too...when my kids were very little they used to bring me fistfuls of them to put in a jelly jar on the kitchen table...and I would gush about the pretty "flowers".

Growing up on my Grandmothers farm, she would make dandelion was pretty good too!

hazel said...

Your dolls house shed is so cute Heidi and I can picture it in your garden at Cranberry Cottage. The
dandelions are a wild flower. Children here in the UK would wait until the heads were nice and fluffly and then blow on them and depending on how many blows it took to clear the head they would then know what the time was, sometimes you would be told that if you picked a dandelion you would wet the bed.
Warm hugs, Hazel

Anonymous said...

I love your woodshed, it is fabulous.I think it is nice to think of dandelions as flowers, if that is the case, we have flowers popping up all over on our lawn!

Take Care
Love Melanie xxxx

Linda said...

Heidi...your woodshed turned out so could almost be a little hide-away.
The field of dandelions are so pretty...I call them flowers, but I think they are really weeds...hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

Very nice shed. Could put a door on it for an outhouse. Ha-Ha.
My buddy in AZ always looed at dandelions as flowers.

Oh, by the way ain't that 40 somthing housewife about to change a number?
Hugs & love,
From some guy in Ohio.

Carolien said...

Your shed looks great, Heidi! Awesome.

I love dandelions. I always say I grow them because of the leaves for the guinea pigs, but I must admit I love the flowers too!!!

Have a nice week & hugs, Carolien

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi
I can see why you are pleased withthe woodshed. It is great. Too bad dandelions were acceptable in our lawns. THey are pretty when they bloom!
Hope you have a great week>
Hugs, Rhondi

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi

I am hosting a swap over on my site if you would like to join, please feel free to pop over and take a look.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx

Tracy said...

I'm with Joni on's just easier to see them as flowers--LOL! And when all massed together, they are very pretty. My hubby has a battle with the in the garden annualy. I prefer to just let them be. So one of the few things we disagree on...tee-hee...Your new woodshed is lovely--very nice addition to the garden. Hope you are well, and having a lovely week. :o) ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidie,
Wow, what a fantastic wood-shed.. it looks so nice, once filled with will look even more fantastic. Ours is not so goos anymore, i just tidied it a bit so it looked a bit better :)
Groetjes, Janneke.

PS. have to tell you: this summer Sanne's dream will come true, we'll be visiting Haworth etc. ......

shirley said...

Those dandelions look so beautiful in massive numbers. And I love your wood shed. Your garden pictures are so beautiful. I could never be without a garden.