Thursday, December 06, 2007

A perfect day for Christmas tree lights...

It is a very gloomy week here in Holland. It is grey and we have a cold rain that chills you to the bone. In December, you never seem to mind these days as you simply put on the Christmas tree lights and enjoy the glow. Even Dagi enjoys it as you can see! He loves to cuddle everyday but especially on chilly days.

Here is my Christmas tree. I started putting it up on Sunday evening and only just finished it this morning. I work in layers and love this full Victorian looking tree. I decided this year to add one more layer of wide organza ribbon to the outside running vertically. My tree has three layers of ribbon and a pearl garland. I think all this really makes it full and pretty. My tree at Cranberry cottage is the exact opposite with its pure simplicity.

Be sure to enlarge the photos for detail.

I have spent many years collecting just the right ornaments for this tree.

I add red and white poinsettias, berries and red tulips to the branches.

The bobbin lace schwibbogen is standing on the hutch this year. I normally have it against a wall to see the lace better but decided it would be nice to have the lights reflected in the hutch as I did not use lights on top of the hutch this year.

I am off to read the 6th Day of "The Christmas Mystery" by Jostein Gaarder. I just love this book and have had the tradition for a good number of Christmasses now to read a chapter a day. Each chapter is the description of a little Norwegian boy opening a new window on his magic advent calendar. To me this book has become my own advent calendar which I never tire of reading. Do you have any advent traditions?


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Heidi, your tree is breath taking! I love it! How fun to have a tradition reading that book!
p.s. - no, my family is not coming for Christmas this year, so it will be a quiet one, with just my husband and me.

Kristen said...

Your tree is beautiful and Dagi looks just as handsome as can be! He looks as though he is saying, "Strike a pose". My kids do the chocolate advent calendars, but aside from that we don't really have set traditions except to watch our favorite movies together. I get to have Manna and Zoe for Christmas this year! :)

Nancy said...

Well, your tree is just as beautiful as every year. The ribbon is a nice touch. Are you putting your Cranberry Cottage tree up this weekend?
King Dagi looks just like he is overlooking his kingdom, which of course he is.
Love you, Mom

the tattered nest said...

What a purrrrrrrrrfect picture of your kitty and the Christmas tree! It is lovely...stay warm!

Teresa said...

Your tree is amazing. The picture of Dagi would make a beautiful card! I don't put up many decorations but after seeing all the holiday pictures I may have to change my mind.

Warmest thoughts

Joanne said...

Heidi, your tree is just beautiful! I love Dagi sitting so regally in front. He just knew he'd have a perfect background for a nice picture of him :) The book you're reading sounds like such fun for this time of year. We've always done unusual advent calendars (we have quite a collection now) and an advent wreath. I've done advent gifts in the past to friends or family (one small thing for each day), and I usually do an advent gift each Sunday to Jacquelyn. It's always something to do with Christmas. Hugs, Joanne

Nancy said...

What a lovely tree Heidi! It is the definition of magic at Christmas. I love the ornaments and the ribbons and pearls. Dagi looks so very proud to be guarding his tree.

Amy Marie said...

The tree is beautiful. Excellent job decorating!

Nunnie's Attic said...

That tree is absolutely stunning! I almost feel transported to 19th century England. And Dagi certainly seems to approve.


Barbara said...

Heidi, your tree is beautiful. Out of the pages of a magazine! I love all the beautiful ornaments you have on it.


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Heidi, I bought my grapevine balls on ebay....I guess they are kind of popular here. So are grapevine wreaths....and yes, I have had those urns for a while now. In the summer, they are planted with flowers, in the fall, I fill them with pumpkins, etc...

Mandie said...

Heidi your tree is so pretty! And Dagi looks so handsome in front of it! I really wish you were closer to us here in the states so we could share the holidays with you in person rather than over the computer. Love you and miss you!

Lynn #2

Janice said...

What a beautiful assortment of decorations! It's magical!

Dena said...

Hi Heidi,

Your tree is absolutely stunning! It looks like it should be in a magazine :)


Anonymous said...

Your tree is just beautiful, Heidi! I'm glad that I'm not the only one who needs a week to decorate! lol! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Suzann said...

Heidi, your tree is positively the most beautiful tree I have ever seen. I could (and would) sit and stare at it for hours. I love the tradition of reading a chapter a day for your advent tradition - we don't have an advent tradition, but I have been giving this serious thought this year. Will you be sharing your cottage tree with us as well?

Rhonda said...

Heidi, your tree is just wonderful! If I could, I would fly to Holland just to see it.
Since I probably won't be, I am so glad you share your pictures with us.
Did you make the schwibbogen? It is beautiful and truly amazing at how intricate it is.

Ragged Roses said...

Oh Heidi your tree looks absolutely beautiful. No wonder Dagi looks so happy! We're putting our tree up tomorrow (it's not real as both my eldest daughter and I seem to develop some skin allergy to pine) and I know it'll take more than a few hours to get it looking just how I want it to. In the meantime I can enjoy looking at yours
It's very cold and very wet here too

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

My dear friend, you have out-did yourself. Your tree is stuning! Breath taking, as Penny said. So full and feminine. I use poinsettias in my tree, too. It is quite evident that you spent a great amount of time carefully placing each ornament and trim. Lovely!

Dagi is precious and just seems to match your tree. He looks very happy and content with his cozy room to curl up in and take plenty of warm naps. It is cold here, too. As soon as the sun sets it gets quite chilly.

Have a wonderful Sunday, sweet Heidi.


PS: Love your previous post. Very interesting reading about the traditions. You are blessed to be able to take your American traditions over to Holland and incorporate their traditions as well.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Me again- I tagged you, so when you are not busy, come and see! xo

Nancy said...

Hi Heidi:
I just tagged you on my blog.
love you, Mom

Rhondi said...

Hi Heidi I have just had a delightful time getting to know you by reading some of your older posts! Cranberry cottage looks so inviting. Your visit to Brugge sounds wonderful and how nice to have the B&B to stay at. I can almost taste that chocolate. The shops look great too. Your home looks lovely, the Christmas tree is beautiful. I could go on and on. Wait, I think I just did :) a I enjoyed seeing your quilts too. I'm a quilter also. Rhondi