Monday, November 17, 2008

Dutch traditions!

Don't you love traditions? We had a busy weekend at the cottage but had to pop back into the village to run to the butcher and look who we ran into. This is one of the fun Dutch traditions that in mid November, SinterKlaas arrives in Holland by steamboat from Spain with his helpers Zwarte Piet.

He had a Pieten band to provide music while he talked with everyone. After we had been to the butcher, we drove back down the road and The Sint was still there talking to some mothers and their children so my 'big boy' waved happily from the car to him and SinterKlaas waved happily back to him.

Another Dutch tradition we have this week has to do with our kitchen remodeling. We are still waiting to hear from the sprayer but we have the door knobs. I wanted the traditional old Dutch knobs which you find in the very old farmhouses. After searching online, we found a woodturner near Jos' new office who makes them. He went on his lunch hour to get them after we ordered them online. Here they are. I love them! Now I have to start staining them so they are ready when the doors arrive.


Nancy said...

The knobs are really nice. I bet they will look great when you get it all together.
Sint and Piet reminded me of the happy time when Janey, Marlene and I were there. You had them visit and we got letters and things in our shoes.
Glad he waved to Jos.
Love Mom

Judy said...

I love your knobs. I love reading your blog and learning about Holland. What a fun time I had looking at the pictures.

Carolien said...

I love your knobs, Heidi! And Jos is a good Dutchman to wave at Sinterklaas. Every Dutch(wo)man should :)

Hugs, Carolien

Mia said...

Such interesting Dutch traditions! And your knobs! They do look lovely and I am sure they will be perfect for your newly painted kitchen cupboard doors. I can hardly wait to see them all in place.

I really enjoyed your last entry about your bedroom. It really does look very pretty, and the wall colour is just a perfect match to your quilt and all the other pretty things in the room. What a good colour choice (even thought you seem to have got there by accident!)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have found your blog as it brings back so many fond memories for me. I lived in The Netherlands from 1989-1993 when my husband was stationed at Soesterberg AB. My first son was born in Zeist. We first lived in Achterveld then moved closer to the base. I remember fondly all the traditions of the holidays....ah to go back in time!

Susan in SC said...

What a fun tradition with Sinterklaas! Let's hope Jos has been a good boy this year! I love the knobs that you have picked out for your kitchen! I can't wait to see it finished.

Marianna said...

Love those knobs! How wonderful to have something so beautifully made by hand.

Mary said...

The knobs will definitely 'make' the cabinet doors - they are so unusual and beautifully crafted. Looking forward to seeing the finished project Heidi.

Wow, Christmas is coming fast and it's not even Thanksgiving yet! The Christmas Parade is this Sat. downtown - we always go and it's always cold! Tomorrow morning we may get some light snow flurries - seems so early but perhaps this will be a cold Winter as predicted.

We may light the fire tomorrow night - our first of the season.
Warm hugs to you - Mary.

Tardevil said...

My daughter will love to see Sinter! She studied him in school 2 years ago. How fun to learn about your traditions!

Anonymous said...

These knobs remember me to my Grandmother's house who lived in the province Brabant. When you turned them round, the door opened. We also saw Sinterklaas this weekend! I think a lot of adults are still impressed by Sinterklaas as we met him. My daughters brought a Canadian friend to see Sint and Piet and he loved it very much.
My quilt of Sint and his Zwarte Pieten is almost finished! See you in a few days. Groetjes, Elly

Tracy said...

HOORAY, Sants's coming! ;o) That's fun...And those knobs are lovely--the shape is beautiful. Always so much that's interesting here...thanks for sharing! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Happy@Home said...

How fun and interesting to learn about the customs of other countries. Enjoyed seeing your photos.

Your new knobs look very nice and I am anxious to see how it all comes together for you.


Annemarie said...

Hey Heidi, how lucky for you and Jos that you got to wave at Sinterklaas. I haven't seen him yet, but he has been to our house to put something in Pelle's shoe :o)

Love the door knobs!

Tardevil said...

Hi Heidi! My daughter is here with me & she looked at the photos. She enjoyed seeing them & wishes Santa Claus came to her house on Dec. 5th instead of 25th! LOL!

Sweetie said...

I love your Dutch traditions. I would like to know more about Holland. The knobs are unique. I really like them.