Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Simple pleasures of autumn

The country roads in Friesland and Drenthe are beautiful any time of year but autumn has something very special. With my trying to simplify and slow down, I have really enjoyed the season even more than normal (if that is even possible since autumn is my favorite season).

Now as we notice all the foodie things associated with autumn and winter in Holland, it makes even having a lunch out in a cafe very special. I had my first bowl of 'snert' as they call it in Friesland which is the famous Dutch split pea soup. Now forgive me a moment while I wave the Dutch flag but no one does pea soup like than the Dutch. It is pure enjoyment to eating this soul warming soup. I love making it once a year for us too. It takes just about the entire day and I make a huge pot which I freeze in portions for us to enjoy on cold winter days. It is enjoyed with a slice of 'roggebrood' which is dark rye bread and a slice of 'kattenspek', a smoked and spiced type of bacon.

But amidst all this talk of seasonal things, what is this? I noticed something lilac colored in living fence between our neighbors and us at the cottage. Lo and behold, a single Rhododendron is in bloom as though to say goodbye just one last time before winter sets in.

I went to a great little shop in Exloo last week and admired all the wonderful brocante.

There were so many beautiful things to admire and gathered some inspiration. I love looking for ideas on how to simplify decorating while still having a great look.

This is the reason I wanted to stop in at this shop. I had these in my hand during my last visit and got sidetracked and forgot to go back and pick some up to buy for my laundry room. Do you know what they are?

Old Dutch clothes pegs. Unlike the American type which is rounded, these are so primitive looking. I can just imagine a woman in her 'klompen' (wooden shoes) out hanging her clothes on the line in the garden with these. They now sit in a wire soap dish on my rack in the laundry room.


Carolien said...

Lekker, snert! (How nice, snert!) And yes, the trees are so beautiful right now. In front of the house of Thom and Carolien there are some magnificent red ones now. I look at them often!

Take care & hugs, Carolien

Judy said...

Hi Heidi, I love the trees. Fall is my favorite too. If you make soup I'll bring dessert!!

Brigitta said...

Thank you Heidi for this beautiful post. Seeing the things through your eyes, just makes me realize how much I love living here. I love making snert too, it's Jennifers favourite soup.

Suzann said...

lovely photos, beautiful post.

Reginas Cottage said...

hello Heidi
Wonderful!!! The trees are great.And the soup looks yummy.In my Garden
blooms the rhododendron also.
My granny blanket is finish,you can
see it on my other blog.
I wish you beautiful autumn days!!!!

Nancy said...

Oh, I can just hear Jos when you wanted to buy the clothes pins. hahaha, wish I could have heard him. That old bed is neat. The lane looks sooo nice. The poor little flower, all alone.
Have a great time with your ladies tonight.
Love you, Mom
PS: Can I come there to live now? I CANNOT believe who we elected. AHHHHHHHHH

Anonymous said...

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:"

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJB)

I think autumn is my favorite season, but winter comes in a close second. I am looking forward to each individual snowflake gently swirling earthward to build together a brilliant quilt of blazing white blanketing the whole of creation.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog. Such beautiful music and pictures! I am at peace here. I can almost taste the split pea soup and dark rye bread. Would you be willing to share your recipe? I live in Wisconsin, but my grandparents immigrated from Holland.

Sharon said...

I'm with Karen! Would you be willing to share your split pea soup recipe? My hubby doesn't care for it, but my daughter and I love it! I'm sure if it was made right we could persuade him to try it. ;-)

Saar said...

I can say Lekker Snert! too. Even though I live in New Zealand. We always make snert in the winter, and borenkool stampot. Now though we are going into summer so Salads, BBQ's and berries.
Sarah Van Leeuwen