Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Celebrate life.....

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I don't really celebrate my birthday. I don't really have trouble getting old ..... not that I am which I will explain in a minute. I just don't bother celebrating it. Jos and I will go out to dinner tonight but that is about it. But I wanted to share with you my memories from what a birthday is.

I don't remember the presents given to me by friends and family. They have faded along with the past. What I do remember is my mother making not only my own but my brothers and sister's day special with her homemade birthday cakes. She would make us a cake each year based on things we liked. We can look back at photos and follow our own trends and likes through these photos. One of the cakes I remember fondly are the doll cakes she used to make for my sister and I. You can see one here on this photo. She would actually put a doll in the center of an angel food cake. They cake was then decorated as the doll's skirt. Doesn't this doll look so 1960s. *sigh* I am sure, like every child, we all had things we 'wanted' for our big day, but all I would want now is to once again have that adorable doll cake. Thanks Mom for having made our birthdays special!

Now to explain why I am not growing any older? All you need for the fountain of youth is staying happy in your heart and a big brother named Bill! Yep! That is the secret. My brother decided years ago when he was in his 30s that we would just drop the first number of our age. So bloggers, I am 4 years old today. Funny but I am 4 years old in this photo back in Texas too. I think there is something in each of us kids that really never did grow up and never wants to. Guess what? I don't think my mother wants us to either...

Our painting is coming along slow but sure. We won't finish it all by the end of today. Jos has to go back to work again tomorrow. That is okay because he has worked so hard! It is really looking nice and I love the color buff.


diane said...

Happy Birthday Dear Friend! You are one of the sweetest and most talented 4 year olds I have even met! I am so lucky to be able to call you friend and I wish you the best of days!

Carolien said...

What a sweet picture of you! I didn't know you were blond like that! Lovely. I would have dreamed about such cakes as a little girl. (Wouldn't mind it now as well, to be honest :)) But I do remember my brother making a huge apple pie for my 8th birthday, a 'closed' pie with a 8 cut out. That was a special one!

Have a nice dinner and do give me a paintbrush on Friday, I'll do anything ...

Hugs, Carolien

Mary said...

When you turned 4 the first time around that was really special - so many beautiful cakes!! You looked so sweet - and a natural blonde - bet you were a gorgeous kid, just as you still are all grown up!!!

We didn't have big B'day bashes when growing up - no money following WW2 for such frivolities I guess! Don't remember any fancy store/bakery cakes like today, but I'm sure Mum must have made my favorite Victoria sponge - layered with raspberry jam and buttercream, dusted with icing
sugar. Mum made great cakes - in fact great everything!

Heidi dear - my best wishes go out to you across the pond - I'll raise a glass to you this evening with best wishes for many happy returns. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND - sending Birthday hugs XX

PS - have to take Bob to the airport now - has a meeting in NY and the weather up there looks really nasty - I'm happy to stay here and work on the room.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Heidi - I love dropping the first number of our age. Because after all I really believe that we are only as old as we make ourselves feel. This past Sunday, the 10th was also my birthday and I am now 9 years old :). Enjoy your day and do whatever your little heart desires.

Happy Happy Day - Hugs - karen

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! Thanks for sharing your special memories of your mother's cakes. No wonder you are such a wonderful person with a mom like Nancy V! Enjoy your day!

Nancy said...

Ok, I am not happy because your picture enlarges, and mine won't. I should redo them from the email. I did mine from my pictures. Oh well. You are right, if I could, I would keep you little forever. Lucky for me, I now have Haali, Mitchell and Zoe.
I remember this birthday all too well. Aren't you soooo cute. I remember doing all those cakes too.
Where did all the time go?
Happy Birthday my wonderful girl.
Zoe says, I already beened 4 Miss Heidi. LOL.
Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd Heidi, You are a nice 4-years old girl on the photo. And your hair is so blond! Looks really like me when I was four years old. My mother never baked me a cake but I did for my children. Even this dollcake I made twice! What a coincidence.
Have a nice dinner today.

Espresso Girlie said...

Happy Birthday dear Heidi!!
I just love that photo of you as a little girl. You were just precious! How wonderful that your mom made you such special cakes. I wish you a wonderful wonderful love filled birthday today.

Carolien said...

O Heidi, do come over on a sunny day if you can this week: the bulbs are so beautiful! When we came here some nice people of the parish decided we should have a proper lawn instead of this hobbly wobbly mossy version (mowing isn't practical here!). I am still glad I voted against it because of all these lovely bulbs. With all the big trees it would become a moss carpet anyway and the children could run and play as much on it as they wanted. I'll have a cup of tea now, watching it all and laughing at these silly chickens.

Hugs, Carolien

prape said...

Hi Heidi!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Heidi, Happy Birthday to YOU!
(Did you imagine me singing? I hope not - I'm not a good singer!)
I love that birthday picture of you! I remember those long ago days! Such fun!
I can not believe all the BEAUTIFUL lace, needlework, quilts, etc. you make! WOW - I am sooooo impressed! You are talented!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Me again!! I love this picture, Heidi, and you sure look very happy with your birthday cake - cakes????? How cute! Your mom sure knew how to make it extra special and nothing beats a homemade birthday cake. The one birthday I remember is turning 8 - it was a double party - our only big party with friends. My brother turned 7 and we both had friends over. Fun days that only seem like yesterday.

Happy Birthday, dear Heidi!!

Becky and Doogs says woof woof!!

Regina said...

Dear Heidi
Loveley photo of you.Wonderful Birthday cakes.Thanks for sharing of
your memories.

Lynda said...

Happy birthday, my dear friend! My mom used to make cakes like that too ... we had doll cakes, sailboats and even a carousel with animal crackers! I like your way of aging ... that will mean that I'll be one year old this year!! :) Have a wonderful dinner tonight. ~ hugs, Lynda xoxo

smilnsigh said...

Dear Heidi, Happy 4th Birthday!!! ,-) I certainly love your brother's idea.

And what a sweet little girl you were. And what a sweet Mom you had, to made such special cakes.

Also very interesting that you grew up in TX, and now live in the Netherlands. I'm sure I will find out more, by reading back in your blog, some time.


Angela said...

The happiest of birthday wishes are being beamed to you even as we 'speak' I see you and your brother have discovered the real meaning of life :>)
I love your amazing photograph. You look so proud of your cake and I don't blame you. The doll cake is the most amazing cake I have ever seen - what a creative mum you have. It's memories like these that are the mosiac of our lives. All the different little pieces making up a beautiful picture.
We too made cakes for Alexis and Rula and they were always of their favourite activity at the time so we had a football cake, a Barbie cake, Winnie the pooh, Transformers, Raggy Dolls and Dinosaurs - Jack is a great sculptor and made them all with icing or almond paste. :>)
Like you, I am going to drop the first number from now on - sadly, mine isn't a 3...haha! So, i shall soon be 5 :>)
Warm hugs, Angela

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday, Heidi! You deserve the best day and I hope today is it for you. Enjoy your birthday dinner with Jos and being 4 - wow - you age well :)


Kim ~ "HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Dear Heidi,
Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday sweet friend of mine! What a great memory you have of all of the special cakes your dear Mom made for you...you are so blessed. Enjoy your special day.
Love, Kim

Andylynne said...

I like your brothers idea. I think I'll add it to my moms. She always said your age is from your ears up. If you think young you'll be young. She is a young 87, and still going strong. She also says if you gently place a brick on your childs head they don't get any bigger. Moms always want their little girls to stay small :)
Have a wonderful birthday that your "not" celebrating.

Andylynne said...

I like your brothers idea. I think I'll add it to my moms. She always said your age is from your ears up. If you think young you'll be young. She is a young 87, and still going strong. She also says if you gently place a brick on your childs head they don't get any bigger. Moms always want their little girls to stay small :)
Have a wonderful birthday that your "not" celebrating.

Rhondi said...

Happy birthday my friend. Hope you got to celebrate! That is such a sweet picture of you. I remember one of my friends had one of those cakes with the doll in the center too. I can't remember whatwe had when I was young, but when I got to be a teenager my dad used to buy the birthday cakes at a French patisserie and it was a hazelnut mocha castelle cake , which was kind of a crispy meringue layered with hazelnut flavored butter cream. It was yummy and very expensive so a real treat!
I haven't visited you in a couple of days and missed reading about what you've been doing.
Rhondi xo

Mandie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! :o) Love you Aunt Heidi!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!!

Kristen said...

Oh I love that picture! I remember from you guys talking about it all the time! :) She is pretty special isn't she! Ok, now she is gonna get a big head so we better be careful! :) JOKING.... Oh happy birthday auntidy! I love you so much!!!!!!! I hope you enjoyed your dinner!

Lilysmom said...

Happy Birthday Big Cousin! GLad we share of February date! HO0pe you had an enjoyable dinner out!

Betty said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday to you....a very happy looking 4 year old......

Please do come by and have some dessert and rest from your painting.....Betty


Happy Birthday Heidi! my birthday was yesterday on the 13th...I turned 9!!! yay!!!

TeresaB said...

Happy (just a couple of days late) Birthday Heidi! Love the picture of you as a little girl. Makes me think of those great parties my mom always did for me. (Love the idea of age too. I'll be 3 this year.)

Nan - said...

A belated happy birthday, dear Heidi! You and I share a birthday month, but not the astrological sign. :<) I so loved the picture of little Heidi.