Friday, February 29, 2008

Warm colors for a chilly day

I thought it would be fun to share a couple of photos of the work done in the living room. I am really pleased with the new paint color. We used buff from Painting the Past which are chalk paints. It is such a pretty color that is much more peaceful than the sand yellow we used to have.

We have a very ugly radiator on this wall and I have camouflaged it but placing an antique sidetable in front of it. The legs just fit in the space. I use this sidetable upstairs as I have dark wood in the living room but I think it works here. I placed a lace tablerunner over it with my candlestick lamps and space to do some seasonal decorating.

I have not had any time to get out my few Easter decorations but this little bunny lives in my hutch so he was easy to put out with my container of white grape hyacinths. I hope to get my Easter decorations out next week.

These fun surprises came in the mail yesterday from my online friend Angela as a belated birthday gift. Yummy bourbon creams! Thanks so much for everything dear Angela!

We kept the same ox blood red on our wall where the woodstove is and behind our bookshelves you can see here. I love this color! To me, it says come in and get cozy.

One of the things we have found with this new chalk paint is that it changes shade all day and evening. We love how it becomes a warm glowing color with lamplight in the evenings. I think I love these colors because I have a tendency to be cold most of the time. I love warmth around me.

On one side of our hutch are my antique fruit wood candle stand and oak plant stand. We did not change the placement of the hunt prints in the living room and these are my four smaller prints.

Here my speculaas molds come out much nicer now against this deeper color.

I am not around as much at the moment as we are so busy not only with this room but also the guest room. I have to deal with the limitations of three chronic illnesses while trying to help Jos as much as I can. It has left me feeling very exhausted and unwell. I am feeling stressed to get it finished. I want the house to look in order before my mother arrives in April. I will be blogging more regularly once again when we have some of this work behind us. At the same time, we paint at Cranberry Cottage each weekend so all in all, it is a very busy time for us. I try to visit blogs each day but am behind on some. I want you to know that I think of you and hope to stop by for a visit soon.

I wish you all a wonderful and inspired weekend!


Nancy said...

Heidi, a big congratulations to you and Jos for doing a beautiful job! You are right that it says come in and get cozy. It is just beautiful!

Nancy said...

Oh Heidi and Jos, I love the new color. It looks soooo cozy. Your room is looking wonderful. Even though Easter will be over when I get there, I think you will need some M & M's in Easter colors and dark chocolate, and Reese's eggs, and York Peppermints wrapped in Easter colors. What do you think?
Love Mom
PS: George takes care of the Oreos
and I love everything Angela sent to you.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello Heidi!!! I was wondering if you might need restocking with the old chocolate bourbons soon but can now see that you've been taken care of!!! Please let me know when they run out! I love the colours of your walls they are so warm and inviting. Take care Heidi and have a lovely weekend

Janice said...

What a beautiful wall color! It is very cozy and welcoming, as you say! It's so much fun to have rooms come together perfectly as you want, and you and your dh have done a wonderful job! I love looking at how you decorate each corner, shelf and table. You really have a gift of decorating. Thank you so much for your many wonderful and sweet comments on my blog and for welcoming me back. It's good be be blogging again! xo

Rhondi said...

Hello dear Heidi
Your room looks great. What a wonderful color. I didn't know you had health problems. Make sure you take care of yourself and I'll add you to my prayer list. Don't worry about leaving comments. Just do what you need to do and catch up with us later
Rhondi xo

Andylynne said...

Well it looks wonderful from here. That new color is very nice. It is a good combinaton but then you knew that didn't you :) Your Oak leaf plant is great. I am having a hard time finding another one. I may have to have the florist order one Ouch price wise. I can see your roome is just about there, and it is as cozy as can be.
Love the music by the way, haven't heard the "Unicorn" song in forever :)
Angelea is a sweetie, she knew you didn't celebrate so she sent you goodies to fill in around the edges.

Ginny said...

Heidi, all I can say is "wow!" Because of your great pictures, your room looks like something out of a magazine or HGTV. Enjoy it!


Take care of yourself Heidi...try not to do to much at once! your house looks so pretty..your Mom will love it!

Wild Rose said...

Hello Heidi

I love that corner with the little table, lamps and white grape hyacinths ~ it looks great!

Don't try to do too much or you could end up with a bad back! Remember to be kind to yourself and take a break from all that decorating.

Have a good weekend,
Marie x

Mary said...

I love the new color Heidi and the room looks so warm and inviting - great job. Wish I could pop over and share those Crawford Bourbon's with you - one of my childhood favorites - nothing beats English biscuits!

I'm planning to get my Easter bunnies out of hibernation this week too - and Jasmin still wants us to do the garden egg hunt even though she knows who the Easter Bunny really is!!! I love it when kids still want to be kids!

You really need to slow down a bit dear - and if that means limiting your always great comments and/or e-mails for a while, do it. There are only so many hours in the day and I think we may all be getting in over our heads a bit, trying to do too much. Several blog friends are slowing down - no time to actually complete the creations they long to make because they spend too much time on the computer trying to keep up with so many friends!

I'm thinking of you and want you to be well - take it easy and Mom won't mind a bit if you don't give 'her room' a makeover - she's coming to see and enjoy being with YOU!!!
Hugs - Mary.

Nan - said...

I just love that color. The other day I told Tom I wanted to paint a wall like "Heidi's red!" I wish I could get a better sense of size, but that is almost impossible with photos. Don't you find that in house magazines? I want to see what comes next, how big that room really is, what direction the windows face. :<) I so love visiting here, and have been away for a while, Heidi. Busy around here. I'm going back to read earlier posts now. Sorry you aren't feeling well. I can't imagine doing all you do. And I am amazed your cat(s?) don't get up on those beautiful end tables. Just as I was reading your blog, my cat knocked over my bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. :<)

Lynda said...

Your living room looks lovely, Heidi! I can certainly appreciate the need to cut back ~ make sure you look after yourself and don't overdo it!! Have a wonderful weekend at Cranberry Cottage. ~ hugs, Lynda xo

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Heidi..popping in to see you...I LOVE red on walls..I have been living with white walls for so long that I just love bold colors!

Betty said...

I am so impressed....the colors you chose are beautiful and compliment your furniture and accessories so well.....a job well done....

Thanks for visiting with me and the Potter family....they behave most of the time....

We are so excited about Marion and John's upcoming visit....Be well...Betty

Kristen said...

Wow, it looks great! I have to agree that your molds look great on that color! You have such a knack for decorating! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

the homely year said...

Hello Heidi, the paint colour you've chosen works really well, and what a good idea to disguise the radiator in that way. It all looks lovely.
Margaret and Noreen

Walking By Faith said...

Wow, it all looks beautiful! I linked to this article in an article in my blog: =)