Sunday, December 14, 2008

Advent Sunday - the third candle

The third candle in Advent is the candle of joy. I started to reflect on how I wanted to talk about joy. It can bring up so many things for us all.

As I am starting to finally put our Christmas tree up, I first thought of one of my ornaments (shown above) that is a pillow with the word JOY written out in gold beads.

There are many things that give me joy in the holiday season. Home baked cookies, decorations and shining Christmas candles and lights, a Christmas card from those near or far saying they thought of you...

One other thing that gives me joy all year round is my handwork, be it stitching or quilting. I get joy from working on them and then the joy of using them again for decorating. Here are just a few pieces of my stitching that I am placing in our home during this holiday season.

What things or activities give you joy at this time of year?


Susan in SC said...

Joy - what a simple word that evokes so many emotions. I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely post Heidi. I love going to an outdoor event called carols in the park ~ it is cold and dark and everyone takes a lantern or other light and the Salvation Army band play. The whole event lasts about an hour, which is quite long enough to be out in the cold and it always finishes with Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer after we have sung the more traditional carols. It is a lot of fun and everyone is filled with joy.

Marie x

Pondside said...

Hello again Heidi
I've just had a most pleasurable visit to your most recent posts - I really enjoyed the look at your decorations and the visit to the store, so beautifully 'done up' for the season.
I'm going to think of 'joy' this evening - such a lot to go into a little word of only three letters. Quickly, I'd say that my needlework gives me joy, as does sitting in the living room with the fire crackling and the tree sparkling. I also feel a 'leap' of joy in the mornings, now, when I go out into the cold to feed the animals - they are so happy to see me on the frosty mornings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Heidie,
Enjoyed your post, seeing all those wonderful thing you make !!
Especially all the stitchwork, gosh how wonderful if you can make things like that. What a JOY would it be for me to learn it one day :)
Greetings to Jos en enjoy these days for Christmas.

Tone said...

You are SO creative!!
Please come and make my xmas, hehe...- as a present for xmas you can buy me five extra hours a day...every week... :-)
Snow is mealting away today - too bad! - its xmas in a week and the snow disappeares???!
Have spent the weekend baking the last cakes - bought some presents - cleaned the house - bought the christmas tree, - things like that.
have a nice week - always a pleasure to visit your blog!

Nancy said...

Since I am talking to you, I know that Kristy gave you the pillow Joy. It is very pretty. Your stitched pieces are so pretty too. I hope you get your tree up in good time before Wed. quilt night.
Love you, Mom

Saskia said...

I love how you reflect advent.
It makes me stop and think!
I get joy from a lot of things, little things that I forget sometimes.
Thanx for letting me slow down and reflect!

So, now something in dutch so the swap quilsters can't reed it...
wat denk je voor Miep als een 4 patch met sashings ertussen zodat je 4 'delftse tegeltjes krijgt?
of iets in de geest van Piet mondriaan?.
Of een simpele molenwieken?
Of de Whirlygig uit de centennial?
en anders simpel de vlag (rood wit blauw)
Ik denk dat alle andere suggesties als klompen, tulpen, bootjes, huisjes ed al gedaan zijn.

Zal nog even verder denken, en als ik nog wat weet mail ik het je wel.

DonnaTN said...

Some of the things that give me joy are my special Christmas ornaments. I have one that my mother (now 82) had growing up that is the most special. The others are stitched ornaments received as gifts or as exchanges.

The Dutchess said...

Very lovely post..your blog is very inspiring and fun..Happy days to you..fijne feestdagen..:)


Your needlework is so beautiful Heidi and I love the warm glow of your candles in groups. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I shall be back.


Kristen said...

Beautiful as usual! I love the ornament!!! It is perfect!