Friday, December 12, 2008

Let's do a little Christmas shopping...

Remember the shop I found back in September? I had shared photos of this amazing shop and was asked to share some when the holidays came around. I stopped in this last weekend and Carla has done her magic to give the shop a perfect Christmas atmosphere. I left the photos as is so some show the pretty atmosphere instead of lightening them up. Click on any of the photos to enlarge them and step into the shop with me...

This is a photo heavy post but just put on your sound and enjoy some Christmas music while walking around this shop with me. Take off your shoes and enjoy! Maybe you will find some inspirtation for your own holiday decor...

The shop contains a mixture of vintage and new items. This is a pretty piece hanging on the wall which was sewn in 1944.

This 'poor man's silver' as it is called in Holland is very popular. My entrance has a number of pieces.

With low lighting and candles or Christmas lights aglow, this is a magical place to come. Carla, you did a wonderful job for your first Christmas season in your new shop! If you are anywhere near the village of Dwingeloo, be sure to visit De Juffer van Dwingel. You will be glad you did!


Nancy said...

My favorite thing is the angels. They look like they are flat. The shop is wonderful and it will be fun to visit next time I come. She did a great job of making it Christmas.
Hope she gets lots of customers.
Love you, Mom

Judy said...

What a beautiful shop!! Thank you so much for taking us with you. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful things.

Bumpkin Hill said...

what a beautiful shop, so glad I found your blog :) Catherine

Tone said...

å lovely things!!
Its perhaps ok that I didnt go there with you, I got my paycheck from work today, our xmas payments are always more than normal ones - so if I went to this shop - the money would possibly just go away in a couple of minutes!
I have been baking cakes today as well - only two types of cakes left, must wait a week - they easily go some mouths...
Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Heidi,

Wat heb je dat weer mooi gedaan!
Ik heb genoten van de sfeer die je foto's uitstralen, prachtig hoe mooi je het weet te brengen.
En inderdaad, zoals je al zei; kijkend naar je foto's dan denk ik ook "wat een mooie winkel"
Dankzij jou krijg ik nog meer inspiratie! Dank je wel hiervoor!

liefs Carla

'De Juffer van Dwingel'

angelasweby said...

Oh Heidi,
What a wonderful atmospheric place to visit. Carla has such a wonderful flair for presentation and a real talent when it comes to finding just the right treasures for her shop. I'm just amazed that you don't come out of the door with your arms laden with goodies - or do you..haha!
Hugs, Angela

Saskia said...

O, it's a good thing that shop is to far away to go to and back just on a saturday.
I like the 'old man's silver'
I don't mind winning it with a Christmas game next wednesday... LOL
But serious; I have some minutes to spare this weekend, what do i have to study to win??? Everything in all the newsletters?...

Christine said...

I LOVE that shop!! I could spend hours in there. Your so lucky Heidi to visit such a beautiful store. Thanks for sharing lots of awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

This looks like an amazing shop, Heidi! I love the bowl filled with mercury glass!

Saskia said...

I mean 'poor man's silver'.
And, well it looks old...

Happy@Home said...

Hi Heidi,
Thanks for letting me come shopping with you today. I would love to visit that shop in person, but I guess I saved some money this way :-) My very favorite thing is the large wooden angels. Gorgeous!!

Holiday Hugs,

Mary said...

Lovely shop Heidi - I could spend quite a bit of time browsing there.

Is what you call 'poor man's silver' what is called mercury glass over here? I love it and started collecting candlesticks and holders last year - they are so pretty when the burning candles shine through.

I hope your friend has a successful season at this beautiful shop.

Warm pre-Christmas hugs dear Heidi.

Reginas Cottage said...

Dear Heidi
What a loveley shop,I love all things
from this shop.But I have not money!
Gratulation to your sweet little toy Village,it's a dream,your nutcrackers
collection also.
I wish you a wonderful third Advent,
Hugs Regina


This is my first visit to your blog which I have really enjoyed. What lovely photographs you have and a beautiful home! I will be back.

Vancouver Island, Canada

DonnaTN said...

What a treasure trove! Thank you for sharing this beautiful shop. I like being able to window shop with you as a guide.

Anonymous said...

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