Friday, December 05, 2008

'Pakjesavond' in Holland

Here it is! 'Pakjesavond' in Holland. The night all little children have been waiting for weeks for with excitement and anticipation. The night that SinterKlaas will land on his white horse on the rooftops and lower a burlap sack full of gifts to all the good little boys and girls. They don't even have to wait until morning to open the gifts.

Who is SinterKlaas? You can read about him here in a blog post I wrote back in 2006.

The Sint is the Dutch version of Santa Claus but also very much connected to who everyone now knows and loves as Santa. Read about this connection here in an entry I wrote last year.

I am afraid I have enjoyed playing Zwarte Piet this year and even just delivered a surprise to someone. *grins* If you live here in Holland, I wish you a warm and fun 'Pakjesavond', and if you don't, how about drinking a cup of hot chocolate and having a ginger spice cookie today to honor the Dutch SinterKlaas.


Tone said...

I learn new things every day!!!!

Hot chocolade and gingerbread coming up!!

Love from Tone

Nancy said...

Happy Sint Day Heidi and Jos and also Dagi. Do you have the little Dutch cookies for today? I know you are leaving soon for the cottage, have a good weekend and hope you see some snow. We have heavy flakes here today.
Love you, Mom

Pondside said...

Sweet, sweet pictures, Heidi! The Great Dane and I will leave something in our daughter's shoe tonight (She's coming home for the weekend). I know it sounds silly, but as long as she's a student she's still our girl and we like playing Black Peter as much as she likes receiving.

Sweetie said...

Hi Heidi, I stopped over to wish you Happy Sint Day and really learned a lot. I do remember learning when I was a child that the Dutch children put out shoe to be filled. Your life in Holland is intriguing.

Sweetie said...

Heidi, Please stop over. I have something for you.

the tattered nest said...

oh I wish I lived in your part of the world, I would come over and have a cup of cocoa with you in front of the fire...have a great weekend Heidi!

Unknown said...

My cup of hot chocolate is in salute to you. I enjoyed this
information so much.

Tracy said...

Such a sweet and fun post, Heidi...I learned so much about the tradition...Happy Sint Day!! ((HUGS))

Clare said...

The pictures you have chosen to illustrate your post are beautiful.

Happy Pakjesavond.

Anonymous said...

Ici aussi nous avons attendu st Nicolas, et il est venu ;-)

Carolien said...

Yes, that was ME, lucky me! I am awfully sorry to react this late! I am trying to catch up, Heidi, and I have just put an entry on my blog about your beautiful coasters.
Your decorations for Christmas are so nice! When there's more time I will linger a bit longer at your blog to click on all the pictures ...

Hugs, Carolien