Thursday, January 04, 2007

Decorating for January

It is January and time for the Christmas decorations to come down. It is also a time when the house can look rather bare after becoming used to the festive look. I try to put out items that work well in January. I have lots of candles sitting around along with a blue and white quilt. I also wait to use my snowmen then and not with Christmas. I have three adorable reproduction vintage snowmen. I put my 'Dress Warm' pinkeep I made on a plate stand. The chubby snowman was a gift from a friend as well as the white hyacinth bulb in the silver pot. It was given to me at Christmas time and works so well with the snowmen.

This year, I am really sorting through my decorations before I put them away. I have so much and really need to cut back. I am packing up all my items for my tree and then going through all the rest to decide if I really love the things enough. I also got out an old set of coffee cups along with some odds and ends like mugs that I never use. I will take them all to the thrift shop so that someone else can enjoy using them instead.

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Nancy said...

Hello Heidi,

I love your wintry decoration! I love snowmen, and your reproductions are gorgeous. I especially like the fellow that is holding the umbrella. The hyacinths are lovely!