Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The 'nesting' season

Do you find January to be the 'nesting' season in your home? Our thoughts turn to how cozy our homes are in the winter season.

It is the time of year that I go through things and clear old and unwanted items away. This year more than ever. We have so many things that I have noticed we have not used lately since we have too much. At the moment, I am trying to come up with items to take to the thrift shop so others can enjoy them. This will mean I can get out the special items that I love and have put away for safekeeping. I started thinking about this when we had a discussion on one of my lists about not using my good dishes. I decided that as long as they were set up so beautifully in the hutch, I still will not get them out daily to use.

I have photographed my old blue and white dishes and put them up for sale online. I then put the good set of dishes in the kitchen cupboards to start using. Beautiful things are only beautiful if you see and use them so that they can be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

The first two weeks of the new year were spent going through my home from top to bottom and decluttering! I can't believe how much stuff I found that I wasn't using. Most of it is packed away for our church sale in April. I still have to go through my closet but that's more than I can handle right now! :)

I'm glad you decided to use your good dishes!