Monday, January 22, 2007

A quote from Jane Austen.....

"The rooms were dressed up with flowers, &c., and looked very pretty."

~~ Jane Austen

From a letter to Cassandra written from
Sloane St.: Thursday (April 25)

Photo of my coffee table decorated with dwarf hyacinths, chevron quilt, the book "Tea with Jane Austen" by Kim Wilson and antique glasses


Anonymous said...

oooh, spring bulbs!! Winter has decided to make an appearance so my garden is now under a blanket of snow. It will be a few months yet before my grape hyacinths are up so in the meantime, I'll enjoy looking at yours! "Tea with Jane Austen" looks quite interesting!

Nancy said...

Beautiful Heidi! I love hyacinths!

Mary said...

I'll bet those hyacinths smell heavenly.