Friday, January 05, 2007

More wintery decoration ideas

What says winter more than ice skates? Use any pair you have or can find (check out flea markets). Tie them together and add any extras you like. I used a pair of antique wooden skates with some greenery, child's mittens and a bow. Mine are hanging from my radiator as you walk in our front door. This is where my mirror is with all my snowmen so it really says 'A Winter Welcome'.


Nancy said...

Very pretty Heidi! I always use Kevin's parents' vintage skates to decorate during Christmas and the winter months. They still have the price written on the bottom of just a little over $1.


Nan said...

And how perfect for a life in Holland! I read Hans Brinker for the first time four years ago and really loved it. A warm and gentle read.

Simplify4Life said...

Love the way you used the skates. So pretty and welcoming. I gave away my childhood skates years ago. What I would give to have those back. I love the idea of decorating for winter after Christmas is over. I have a set of blue and white snowmen. Will have to leave them out next year.

Kristina (CHL list)