Sunday, January 21, 2007

Still 'nesting'

"Just as meditation can be healing for the body, cleaning can be healing for a house. It's taking away what doesn't belong to allow the beauty of what does belong to shine forth. This affects the lives of the people who live there: Even a relatively neat environment is conducive to both good living and clear thinking."
~~ from "Shelter for the Spirit" by Victoria Moran

My 'nesting' season is continuing here in my home. This weekend, I am finally starting on my quilt studio which has been neglected during the cleaning and decluttering of the other rooms upstairs. I found it easiest to get through other rooms by putting off the decisions on certain items by placing them in the quilt studio until I got to this last room on my list upstairs.

This room is very important to me and normally a place I spend a great deal of time in. It is my center of creativity and where I find peace while doing the crafts I love so much. It does not look like that sacred place at the moment. I want to start in this room with that sacredness in mind. My quilting and stitching are very much what makes me who I am and this room should reflect that also. It is connects me to things from my past. My past projects are there waiting to be used during the correct season or on display to enjoy in the studio. There are items there that remind me of the special people that gave them to me.

Do you have a special room that holds items that connect you to your past? Do you have items there that can be seen for all their beauty to remind you of family and friends who are dear to you? Look around in that room and see if you need to edit things to bring out the beauty of those items you really do love.

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Lynda said...

My sewing/craft room went through an overhaul recently as well! Mine also functions as a home office so it suffers from clutter overload quite often. I don't feel that it's a reflection of "me" right now but once I get around to redecorating it, hopefully there will be some improvement. It's usually a home for unwanted furniture, fabrics and odds 'n' ends! :)