Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another little Christmas corner and a welcome...

Once you come to knock on my front door, I open it to our small entrance. It is small but I always try to make it welcoming.

I have a mirror and chest of drawers sitting right by the door. This year, I decided I wanted to do something else there. For all the years we have lived her we have had the stitched Santas there. I showed them last Christmas on the blog. I have been loving all the silver/gold glass that is in the shops lately. This is unusual for me as I love using brass items which go with the Victorian/English style in my living room.

I dressed my wreath with eucalyptus and berries. I found some silver reindeer which I thought were perfect to add to the glassware. By placing them on the mirror ledge, I linked the wreath to the candles below.

Here is a close~up of them. I really love these. I added some of my fine tinsel to the arrangement.

It is really pretty when you place candles in the glass as they are imperfect with the silver and gold leaf placed on the inside. It gives a pretty effect through the candlelight. Click on the photos to enlarge them and see the details.

Here is another corner in my living room. This one is over by the dining area as we have one room downstairs. This is the large L&L angel I made which I referred to in the first Christmas post. I created a new flower arrangement with white roses to reflect the colors in the angel. We light the candle in the evenings and it again creates a pretty and warm atmosphere here.


Mandie said...

Very pretty! I love those reindeer! Just gorgeous! you have a knack for making things look so nice and homey!

Love you!

Nancy said...

Oh, you put your beautiful angel up. Your entry way looks very pretty. I like the deer.

Nancy said...

Everything looks beautiful Heidi! There is so much warmth and love in your home. I also like the look of the gold and silver. Your L&L angel is a masterpiece!

Solstitches said...

I love the reindeer and the richness of the candles glowing in the holders.
It all looks just wonderful Heidi. You have such an eye for detail and a real knack for creating a beautiful home.

Kristen said...

All of this is wonderful, OF COURSE! We would expect no less of our Aunt Heidi! :) I love walking in and seeing something warm and inviting! You have definitely accomplished that!

Nan - said...

Oh, so beautiful, Heidi! A technical question - where is the cord from the lights to the plug?

Wild Rose said...

Hi Heidi,

This entrance looks delightful and I love your reindeer.

Thank you for your comment ~ I don't have your e-mail address, or I would have contacted you ~ I'm having a giveaway on my other blog, so do go and visit to enter. If you want to e-mail me, you will find my address on my website.

Marie x

Angela said...

Heidi, it's just beautiful. What a wonderful way to greet people, I'm beginning to wish we were all visiting at Christmas. I love the pretty reindeer and I especially love the little ornaments by the candles, so Victorian. Lovely wreath, lovely angel, lovely, lovely, lovely :>)
Hugs, Angela

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

I love your entrance decor! It is so perfect!

O. said...

I've happened on your page and thought it nice to leave a comment even if I'm not a housewife.
But I saw you love music, and Xmas music, too. Well, I'm a musician and on Saturday I'm going to upload on my myspace page a Xmas song everyone could download for free. If you're interested, pay me a visit :)

peace & ciao

Mary said...

I LOVE those reindeer Heidi - they are in a perfect spot and look so pretty reflected in the mirror.

sa said...